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PiNKERTON, William, cloth merchant, 21 High street
Pitcairn, Miss, dress maker, 61 High street
Pittendreigh, John, excise officer, 54 High street
Pollock, John, grocer, 131 Graham street
Preston, John, nail maker, 64 High street
Purden, Mathew, grocer, 5 Macdowall street
RAINE, W. & W. painters, 15 Houstoun square, .house
65 High street
Reid, James, tailor, 61 High street
Reid, John, mason, 7 -Houstoun square
Reid, Miss, dress maker, 6 Church street
Reid, William, & Co. grocers and stoneware merchants^,
59 Pligh street
Reid, William, spinning master, Linwood Mills
Renfrew, Alexander, manufacturer. Thorn
Riddle, James, builder, 12 Houstoun square
Robertson, William, boot and shoe maker, 60 High street
Robertson, William, farmer, Greenhill
Roebuck, Boyd, hair cutter and perfumer, 16 High street
Rodger, James, tailor and spirit dealer, 7 Houstoun square
Rodger, Robert, grocer, 14 Houstoun square
Rodger, Wilham, twister. Elder she
Rowand, Alexander, carter, Linwood
Rowand, Mrs. Bethia, grocer and spirit dealer, Linwood
SALMON, Fullarton, grocer, Quarrelton
Sawers, John, wdieel wright & turner, 12 Ludovic square
Scott, James, wood turner, 37 Rankin street
Scrim, David, builder, 4 William street
Shanks, James, surgeon. Bank House
Shanks, William, cotton spinner & machine maker, .house
Bank House
Shanks, William, machine maker, 13 Dimitj street
Sharp, Mrs. dress maker, 4 William street .
Sinclair, Mrs. (Thorn-hill Inn) Thorn ip
Slater, Alex, grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Houstoun square
Sloan, James, (Buck-head Inn) 14 High street
Sloan, James, slater & lead merchant, 18 Ludovic square
Smith, Andrew, grocer, 32 High street

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