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1. For the best Bull above three years old, to Mr John
Gilmour in Dyke, parish of Cathcart, - d£5
2. For the second best Bull, to Mr. William Bogle, in
Paper Mill, parish of Neilston, - - 3
3. For the best Bull under three years old, to Mr James
Lee, in Stanley, Abbey parish, - 3
4. For the best Milch Cow, under seven years old, to Mr
Geo. Glassford in Drumcross, parish of Erskine, 5
5. For the second best Milch Cqw, to Mr. James Lee at
Stanley, Abbey parish, - - - 3
6. For the best two year old Quey in Calf, to Mr John
Cochran in Kirktonfield, Neilston parish, - 2 10
7. For the second best two year old Quey in Milch, to Mr
William Fleming in Fulwood, Houston parish, 2
8. For the best two year old Yield Quey, to Mr Thomas
Sommerville in Hatton, parish of Erskine, - 2
9. For the second best two year old Yield Quey, to Mr.
Thomas Sommerville, - - - - - 100
10. For the best one year old Quey, to Mr. Alexander
Gardner in Meikleriggs, Abbey parish, - 110
11. For the second best one year old Quej^, to Mr. James
Robertson in Hillington, Abbey parish, - 10
After the Cattle Show, the Society held the tenth General Annual
Meeting, for the election of office-bearers, &c. when the following
were nominated : — William Cuninghame, Esq. of Craigends, Preses
of the Committee of Directors; William Glen, Esq. of Nether-
wood, Treasurer ; and A. H. Simpson, Secretary, and a Commit-
tee of 22.
1820. Female Friendly Societt/ ., Miss Jean Slater, preses, 39,
Broomlands. .Mrs Jardine, treasurer, 70, Storie street..
John Dickie, clerk, 29, School wynd. .Thomas Hardcastle,
officer, 22, Maxwellton.
1820. Female Union (Society. -A. Nairn, clerk. .Returns not sent in.
1820. Mortcloth Societi/.. J dimes Begg, preses. West Broomlands..
Hugh Hart, collector. Cross street. .James Whiteford,
keeper, 9, Maxvvelltown street.
1822. C'o7nmercial Building Society. -Archd. M'Alpine, President,
2, Orchard street. .Robert Stevenson, Treasurer, Spring
Bank Cottage — John Dunn, Secretary, 10, Moss street.
1823. Paisley Gas Light Coinpa7iy.. Incorporated by A.ct of Farlia.-
ment, 30th May, 1823. .John Bell, Governor. -Alexander
Fullerton, Deputy Governor — William Taylor, Alexander
Peacock, William Stirling, Dr. Robert M'Kechnie, John
Lymburn, James Lamb, James Buchanan, J. Scott, John
Holmes, John M'Gibbon, Ordinary Directors. .William
Nairne, Treasurer. -Peter Jack, Secretary. .Archd. Cook,
Engineer. .William Murtrie, Inspector. -Company's Office,
51, Moss street; open from 10 till 3.

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