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General Agency Warehouse and Public Auction Rooms, Lyceum
Buildings, 248 High st. — James Hope, Auctioneer and Appraiser.
John Gillespie, Captain, 87 Moss street
Alex. Mair, 20 Moss street
Robert Walker, 89 Moss street
James Mair, II School wynd
Barnard Woods, 47 New street
John M'Intosh, 47 New street
John Walker, 8 Moncrief street
Jas. Paterson,atRoss&Duncan's
Mill, Abercorn st. New Town
Peter Campbell, 6 North Croft st.
And. Manwell, 1 North Croft st.
Robert Mack, 2 Wallneuk
John Hay, 18 Lawn street
Engines for Eoctinguishing Fire.
The Water Engines and other Apparatus, are deposited at the Meal
Market, 79 High street.
Keys for them to be found at the Police Office, and at
John Gillespie's, Slater, 87 Moss street.
A Serjeant and two Corporals attend regularly at the Police Office,
County Buildings, to call the roll of Watciimen, half an hour before
they take their stations, and mark such as are absent. The Serjeant
and Corporals are thereafter to patrole the streets to observe if the
Watchmen are doing their duty ; to apprehend vagrants and disor-
derly persons ; and to give, in the morning, a written report of the
whole transactions to the Superintendant of Police.
The watchmen are to be on their respective stations, from April
till September inclusive, at 10 o'clock at night, and remain till 5
in the morning. And from October till March inclusive, at 10
o'clock at night, and continue till 6 in the morning.
Each individual of £5 or upwards, of annual rent, has a vote in
the election of Commissioners.
Rate of Assessment on Rents, for the support of Police, ^c.
£2, and under £3 Os 6d ^ Pound.
3, and under 5, Os 9d do.
5, and upwards, Is Od do.
Conversion Money in lieu of Guard.
^2, and under £ h., 2s Od ¥^ Annum.
5, and under 12, 4s Od do,
12, and upwards, 5s Od do.
Quarterly Meetings.
For Burgh and Suburbs, on the first Monday of Marqh, June,
September, and December.

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