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John White, M. D.
Thomas Richmond
James Kerr, M. D.
John Rodman, M. D.
Rt. M'Kechnie, jni. d.
Allan Stewart
George VVylie, M. D.
John Craig
VYilliam Jeffrey-
Joseph M'Leod
David Fulton
Daniel M'Kinlay
Samuel Henning
John Torbet
William Vessie
Andrew K. Young
Gavin Browning
William Kerr
James Paton, M. D.
William Falconer
Geo. Barker, M. D.
David Millar
P. H.. Peacock
John Nisbet
R. D. Munn, occulist
David Fulton, Vaccinator to the National Vacine Establishment.
N. B. — For residence see Directory.
Mrs. M'Leod, 228 High street
Cox, 5 Mid lane
Cameron, 7 West Croft st.
Wylie, 4 South Croft street
Hatrick, 6 Bridge st. New
M'Lerie, 42 Gordon's lane
Eccles, Calside
Shirlaw, 1 Wardrop street
Mrs Andrew, 2 Storie street
Robertson, 6 Wardrop st.
Hart, 2 Well street
Muir, 8 Queen street
Fletcher, 21 Queen street
Gibb, 13 West street
M. Kerr, 41 Broomlands
R. Kerr, 55 West Broom-
PAISLEY BANK.— 1 Cotton Street. '
Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon, (shuts at 11 on Sa-
turday.) Drafts on London * or Edinburgh f given on these
hours. Bills for discount given in on Monday before 12 noon,
and called for on Tuesday, betwixt 10 forenoon and 3 afternoon.
Arthur Welsh, Cashier.
Alexander Gardner and Thomas Cockburn, Accomptants.
John Peden, Teller.
Alexander MacFarlane, Robert Lamb, Adam Keir,jun. and
Archibald Hodge, Clerks.
Charles Black, Porter, 12 Gauze street.
* Smith Payne and Smiths, Bankers, London,
t Thomas Kinnear & Sons, Bankers, Edinburgh. — Office in Glas-
gow at No. 58 Virginia street, Alex. Brown, Agent,

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