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Smith, William, flax dresser, 54 High street
Smith, William, manufacturer, 12 Ferguslie
Smith, William, manufacturer, 28 Glen street
Smith, William, spirit dealer, 35 Broomlands
Snodgrasss, A. & J. millers and grain dealers, Seedhill
Snodgrass, James, vintner, 16 Canal street
Snodgrass, John, miller and grain dealer, Cardonald mill
Snodgtass, John, painter, 3 Gauze street
Society Rooms, 51 Moss street. .Matthew Stuart, clerk
Sorhie, Mrs. dress maker, 8 Glen street
Southwell, Samuel, flax dresser, 45 High street
Speirs, Allan, biscuit baker, 32 Old Sneddon
Speirs, Alexander, manuf., 10 Causeyside, . .house Inch
Speirs, John, grocer, 88 High street
Speirs, Mrs. grocer, 33 Causey side
Speirs, Robert; flesher. .house Inch
Speirs, Robt. spirit dealer, 13Newst.,' and turner, 15 Sauce!
Speirs, William, grocer, 17 Barclay street
Spence, Thomas, wine and ale bottler, 72 Moss street
Spowart, Robert, grain merchant, .house 6 Silk street
Sproul, Matthew, grocer, 62 Broomlands street
Sproul, Mathew, grocer and spirit dealer, 83 Causeyside
Sproul, Thomas, teacher, 152 George street
Sproul, William, vintner & boatman on river Cart, 96 New
Stalker, John, dyer, 9 New Smith-hills
Stark, Archibald, manufacturer, 7 Wallneuk
Steel, Robert, manufacturer, 53 Caledonia street
Steven, Archibald, keeper West Toll Bar
Steven, J. & W. rope & twine manufacturers, 180 High st.
Stevenson, Hugh, excise officer, 7 Orr street
Stevenson, Janjes, baker, 6 Silk street
Stevenson, James, gardener, seedsman, tea & tobacco mer-
chant, 1 St. Mirren's street
Stevenson, Jas. & Co, grocers & spirit dealers, 9 Nelson st.
Stevenson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 37 George street
Stevenson, James, shawl washer, 71 Causeyside
Stevenson, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 146 Causeyside
Stevenson, John, grocer, Cowieston

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