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Richmond, James, baker and spirit dealer, 79 Storie street
Richmond, Mrs. furnislied lodgings, 1 Waterbrae, (Burgh)
Riehmond, Thomas, surgeon, 22 Glen street
Riddle, John, feuar, 5 Inkle street
Risk, John, turner, ]6 Storie street
Risk, Thos. accomptant, Union Bank. .ho. 44 New Sneddon
Risk, Thomas, sen. house 14 St. Mirren street
Ritchie, David, grocer and tea dealer, 8 Gaui^e street
Ritchie, George, keeper of Bridewell, .ho. County Buildings
Ritchie, James, wright and timber merchant, Abercorn st.
Ritchie, William, excise officer, 16 King street
Ritchie, William, grocer, 26 School wynd.
Robb, Mrs. heddle caster, Garthland lane
Robb, William, manufacturer, 4 Causeyside
Robertson, A. agent for the Hercules Fire and Life Insurance
Office, 20 Love street
Robertsons, confectioners, 23 Moss street
Robertson, Alexander, vintner, 30 Moss street
Robertson, Daniel, gardener. Old Smith- hills
Robertson, James, glass, china, and stoneware merchant,
199 High street, .house 201 do.
Robertson, James, warper, 49 Storie street
Robertson, James, wright, 96 Broomlands
Robertson, John, auctioneer, 1 Well street
Robertson, John, beamer, 16 Barclay street
Robertson, John, manufacturer, 38 Canal street
Robertson, John, manufacturer, 2 West street
Robertson, John, warper, 16 Causeyside
Robertson, John, wright, 22 Abbey street
Robertson, John, wright, 19 Gauze sti'eet
Robertson, Joseph, grocer and vintner, 7 Love street
Robertson, Peter, reed maker, 150 Causeyside
Robertson & Stevenson, shawl manufs. 166 Causeyside
Robertson, Thomas, cowfeeder, 108 High street
Robertson, WiUiam, (late excise officer) 2 Back Sneddon
Robertson, William, hatter, 242 High street.. ho. 243 do.
Robertson, William, pattern drawer, 15 Wardrop street
Robertson, William, vintner and boatman, 9 New Sneddon
Rodger, John, cowfeeder, 160 High street

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