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Watson, James, draper, 64, High Street.
Watson, William, damask manufacturer, Small's WyoeL
Watson, David, meal-seller, Seagate.
Watson, James, flesher, 5, Murraygate.
Watson, John, flesher, foot of Coutie's Wynd.
Watson, John, vintner, Fish Street.
Watson, John, shipmaster, St. Clement's Lane.
Watson, John, plumber, copper smith, iron and tin plat©'
worker, Crichton Street.
Watson, David, tailor, Tindal's Wynd.
Watson, David, jun. draper, 72, High Street.
Watson, David, tobacconist and candle-maker, 6G> Mur-
Watson, John, top of Murraygate, s.
Watson, John, town-officer, 94, Murraygate.
Watson, John, flesher, 102, do.
"Watson, James, saddler, 44, do.
Watson, Mrs. broker, 119, do.
Watsons Geo. confectioner, 127, do.
Watson, David, cutler, 120, do.
Watt, Isaac, merchant, 149, do.
Watt, Bemard, merchant, Cowgate, and Crescent.
Watt, Charles, coal and lime merchant, North lay Street*.
Watt, John, merchant, Nethergate, n.
Watr, David, tailor, top of Murraygate, n.
Watt, Thomas, merchant, Meadow Entry and Bain Square.
Watt, Jamee, merchant, 58, Murraygate.
Webster, Thomas and Co Dundee rope-work, Hawkhill.
Webster, James, merchant, Cowgate.
Webster, Robert, shipmaster, Seagate, s.
Webster, Lanceman, do. do. s.
Webster, James, upholsterer, 82, Murraygate.
Webster, George, grocer, 126, Murraygate.
Webster, James, shipmaster, Peter Street.
Weddervpoon, A. confectioner, 69, Murraygate.
Whitson, Patrick, merchant, North Tay Street.
Whitson, Patrick, jun. merchant, Wellgate.
Whittet, John, flour-merchant, Church Wynd/.
Whitteu John' jun. corn-merchaut, Castle Sheets

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