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Stonier, Thomas, Fish Street.
Strachan, Alexander? Springfield.
Straiton, Alexander, grocer, Hawkhill.
Stratharen, Alexander, tailor, Overgate, m
Straton, William and Co. Foundry.
Sturrock, John, merchant, 5B, High Street.
Sturrock, Andrew, grocer Scouringburn.
Sturrock, John, vintner, Butcher-row.
Syme, Mrs, druggist, Overgate, s.
Symers, Colin, collector, Custom House and Murraygate.
Symers, Colin and John, British Linen Company's Bank,
Symers, John and George, wine merchants, Murraygate.
Thomson, jun. and Co. painters, Nethergate, s.
Tarone, Anthony, weather and looking-glass maker, 57»
Taws, Alexander, hair-dresser, Overgate, s.
Taylor and Duff, mill-wrights, Wards.
Taylor, William, shoe-maker, Overgate, s.
Taylor, John, hatter, 70, Murraygate.
Taylor, James, shoe-maker, Hillton.
fhai!i, John, commission merchant, agentj and insurance
broker, 8, Murraygate.
Thain, James do. do. do.
'i omiinson, Thomas, flesher, Hillton.
Thorn , George, draper, 65, High Street.
Thorns, Patrick H. general agent and insurance broker*
Thorns, George, ship-master, Seagate, s.
Thomson, Rev. James, Meadow Street.
Thomson, Daniel, mason, Perth road.
Thomson, Alex. do. Murraygate.
Thomson, James, manufacturer, Perth road.
Thomson, Alexander, mason, Perth road.
Thomson, James, meal-seller, Hawkhill.
Thomson, David, custom collector, Nethergate, n.
Thomson, Andrew, shoe-maker, Wtllgate, w.
Thomson, Walter, auctioneer, appraiser, and general agentj
Ca6tle Street,

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