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Simpson, Robert? shipmaster, Craig.
Simson, Thomas, grocer, 14. Murraygate.
Skirving, John, wright and rush-bottom chair-maker, 74
Slamond, Adam, lath-splitter, St. Andrew's Street.
Small, Williami town-clerk, High Street.
Small* Blinshall, grocer and spirit-dealer, 93. Murraygate,
Small' Andrew, tin-plate worker, 15, High Street.
Small' Andrew tidewater, Castle Street.
Small, Robert, flesher, Butcher-row.
Small, Thomas, baker? Frshmarket.
Smart, Thomas, sen. writer, Overgate, s.
Smart, Thomas> jun. writer, Vault.
Smart, David, ship and insurance broker, Cowgate and
Smart, James, shipbuilder, Craig.
Smellie, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Nethergate> s.
Smith, David, writer, 57. High Street.
Smith, James, draper, 37. do.
Smith, James, merchant, 31. Murraygate.
Smith? James, yst. grocer? 13. do.
Smith' James, manufacturer? Cowgate.
Smith, Alex. do. do.
Smith, John, do. do.
Smith, William, shipmaster? Castle Court.
Smith Charles, manufacturer, Wellgate.
Smith, James, sen. flesher, Butcher-row.
Smith, James, jun. do. Nethergate.
Smith, Charles, wright, Seagate.
Smith, James, wright, 74. Murraygate.
Smith? Alexander, baker, top of Seagate.
Smith' Patrick, grocer, Overgate.
Smith, William, cork-cutter, do. s.
Smith, William, smith and iron-merchant, Castle Street.
Smith, Francis, manufacturer, Small's wynd.
Smith, John, wright, Hawkhill.
Smith, John, grocer, Hillton.
Smith, John, caravan-keeper, foot of Long Wynd,
Smith, James, wright? Hilltont

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