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Murray, William, tailor, Nethergate, s.
Murray, John, hair-dresser, Coucie's Wynd.
Murray, William and Co. smiths and ironmongers, 16,
Mustard, Alexander, shipmaster, Seagate.
Mustard, William, do. do.
Myles, Alexander, do. foot of Tindal's Wynd.
Nasmith, Robert, surgeon, Perth road.
Neave, David, architect, Hawkhill.
Neilson and Co. merchants, Bain Square.
Neish, Thomas, sen. coal-merchant, North Tay Street.
Neish and Smart, ship and insurance brokers, Cowgate, s.
Neish, Thos. jun. Cowgate and Hawkhill ,House.
Neish, James, land-waiter, Perth road.
Neish, William, wine and spirit merchant, Fishmarket and
Tay Square.
Newall, Walter, merchant, agent for Whale Fishing Co.
Castle Street.
Nicol, George, sen. grocer, Nethergate.
Nicol, James and Co. starch-makers, West Port.
Nicol, James, jun. clothier, Overgate, n.
Nicol, William, do. do. n.
Nicol, George, jun. tea and spirit-dealer, ISO, Murraygate
Nicol, John, jun. manufacturer, King Street.
Nicol, James and Son, do. do.
Nicol, David, meal-seller, Seagate Port.
Nicol, William, merchant, Overgate, n.
Nicol, James, jun. manufacturer, Scouringburn.
Nicol, James, sen. Overgate, n.
Nicol, Thomas, block-maker, Fishmarket.
Nicol, James, do. East Shore.
"Nicol, William, shipmaster, Crichton Street.
Nicol, William, do. 88, Murraygate,
Nicol, Alexander, grocer, Hillton.
Nimmo, Patrick, surgeon, Tay Street.
Norrie, Robert, shipmaster, King Street.
Nucator, Andrew, gardener, Blackness road.
Ogilvie, John and Son, writers, New Inn Entry,
Ogilvie, Jarrjesj writer, Park Street.

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