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Mathew, John, stoneware merchant, 34, High Street.
Mathew, Alexander, cabinet-maker, 40, High Street.
Mathew, Thomas, fishing-rod and bow-maker, 45, HigU
Mathew, James, wright, Murraygate.
Mathew, James, cart and plough wright, North Tay Street.
Mathewson, William, tailor, 2, High Street.
Mawer, George, writer, 18, High Street.
Mawer, Robert, shipmaster, Craig.
Maxwell, James, manufacturer, King Street.
Maxwell, James, Seagate.
Maxwell, David, merchant, 139, Murraygate.
Meffan, David, land-waiter, Chapelshade.
Meffan, Alexander, vintner, Seagate.
Morgan, George, Forebank.
Morgan, Robert, grocer, Fish Street.
Morison, Alex, thread manufacturer, Wellgate.
Morren, Alex, hotel, 45, High Street.
Morris, John, shoemaker, Hillton, w.
Morris, William, do. Seagate.
Morris, David,>smith, Craig.
Morris, James, cooper, Overgate, s.
Morton, John and Co. merchants, top Baltic Street.
Morton, Mungo, merchant, Wellgate, e.
Mount, George, cabinet-maker, Nethergate, s.
Muat, John, confectioner, Overgate, s.
Mudie, William, Roseangle.
Mudie, s John, manufacturer, Seagate.
Mudie, James, merchant, Peter Street.
Mudie, Peter, wright, do.
Mudie, William, vintner, Wellgate, e.
Mudie, John, manufacturer, Baltic Street.
Mudie, Thomas, vintner, Cowgate.
Mudie, Thomas, meal-seller, 21, Murraygate.
Mudie, Robert, vintner, 37, do.
Mudie, James, teacher, Chapelshade.
Murdoch, George, brewer, 67, High Street.
Murdoch, William, meal-seller, 125, Murraygate.
Murray, Jas. & Co. smiths and ironmongers, High Street,

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