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Lyon, Charles, shipmaster, Nethergate, rr»
M'Cosh, Robert, tailor, 36, High Street.
M'Cosh, James, vintner, 120, Murraygate.
M'Donald, John, Park-lane.
M'Donald, George, grocer, Perth road.
M'Donald, Donald, vintner, Overgate, n.
M'Donald, Duncan, cabinet-maker, 88, Murraygate,
M'Ewen and Miller, writers, High Street.
M'Gregor, James, vintner, Tindal's Wynd.
M'Intosh, Daniel, do. Murraygate, s.
M'Intosh, John, smith, Overgate, s.
M'Intosh, Robert, grocer, do. s.
M'Intosh, Daniel, schoolmaster, Meadowside.
M'Kay, Patrick, messenger at arms, Overgate, n.
M Kay, Thomas, grocer, Overgate, s.
M'Kay, John, hatter and umbrella-maker, do.
M'Kay, John, tailor, Trades Hall.
M'Kenzie, Daniel, Anr.field.
M'Laren, Alexander, Hawkhill-knoW.
M'Lauchlan, Rev. Dr. Tay Street.
M'Liesh, John, manufacturer, Chapelshade.
M'Liesh, William, do. Nethergate, n.
M'Nicol, James, grocer and spirit-dealer, Overgate, n.
M'Niel, Duncan, manufacturer, Hawkhill.
M'Vicar, Rev. Patrick, Magdalene Yard road.
M'Wattie, David, bell-hanger to his Majesty, for Scotland,
Cowgate, n.
Malcolm, Thomas, merchant-tailor, Shore.
Mancor, Peter, teacher of music and tuner of musical in-
struments, viz. piano-fortes, harps, and organs ; Over-
gate, head of School Wynd, first close, south side.
Martin, David, merchant, Rose-angle.
Martin, George, grocer, West Port.
Martin, John, slater, 103, Murraygate.
Martin, Alexander, shipmaster, foot of Coutie's Wynd,,
Mathers, Samuel, fiesher, Butcher-row.
Mathew, Thomas, grocer, Bucklemaker Wynd.
Mathew, James, fiesher, Seagate, s.
Mathew, George, brewer, Overgate, n.

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