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Hood, Mrs, vintner, 152, Murraygate.
How, James, boot and shoe-maker, 8, High Streefc
How, William, manufacturer, King Street.
How, David, merchant, Wellgate, w.
How, David, leather-merchant, 133, Murraygate.
Howie, David, shipmaster, Peter Street.
Hughes, David, wheel-wright, Witchknow.
Huie, James, Collector of Excise, Nlurraygate, n.
Hunter, Thomas, draper, 36, High Street.
Hunter, Peter, tailor, Chapelshade.
Hutchinson, John, spirit-dealer, N^hergate, s.
Hutchinson, John, cabinet-maker. 54, High Street.
Hutton, Patrick, manufacturer, 1 ens.
Hutton, William, spirit-dealer, Fisnmarket.
Hynd, William, merchant, Wellgate.
Inglis, John, hosier, 69, High Street.
Ingram, George, painter, do.
Innes, Frederick S. perfumer, Nethergate, s.
Ireland, John, wright, Chapelshade.
Ireland, James, shipmaster, Yeaman Shore.
Ireland, Alex, manufacturer and mill-spinner, Cowgate.
Irons, John, vintner, Vault.
Irons, David and Robert, sailmakers, Fishmarket.
Irons, Peter, hair-dresser, Wellgate, e.
Ivory, i homas, engraver, 18, High Street.
Jack, David, shipmaster, Nethergate.
Jack, Thomas, teacher, Westport.
Jackson, Robert, leather-merchant, Overgate, n.
Jamie, John, smith, 76, High Street.
Jobson, John, merchant, 41, Murraygate.
Jobsou, James, merchant, Nethergate.
Jobson, Robert, merchant, Nethergate.
Jobson, David, Whiteleys.
Jobson, David, jun. County Cess Office, Tay Street.
Jobson, David, writer, Castle Street and Whiteleys, -
Jobson, David, sen. merchant, Peter Street.
Jobson and Scott, writers, Castle Street.
Jobson, John, M.D. Whiteleys, Nethergate.
Johnstone, Rev. William, Roseangle.

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