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Greig, William, ship-master, Craig.
Greig, James, do. do.
Greig, John, agent for Dundee Rope Work Company,
Butcher Row.
Guild, Francis, spinning mill, Chapelshade.
Guild, David, teacher, Baltic Street.
Guillan, David, Overgate, n.
Gun, Thomas, stoneware merchant, Overgate, n.
Gun, David, cabinet-maker, Overgate, n.
Guthrie, Major, Cottage, Bottle-work.
Guthrie, George, teller Union Bank, Cowgate.
Guthre, David, teller, New Bank.
Guild, Alexander, writer, High Street.
Hackney, William, mill-spinner and merchant, 109, Mur«
raygate, and Wellgate.
Haggarc, Thomas, plasterer, Barrack Street.
Hally, John, manufacturer, Wellgate, w.
Hanton, Peter, coal-merchant, foot of Hillton.
Harris, William, baker, Fish Street.
Hay, James, manufacturer, Cowgate.
Hally, William, manufacturers, Wellgate.
Hazeel, David, merchant, Nethergate, n.
Hazeel, Henry, wine merchant, Nethergate.
Hean, James, shoe-maker, Hillton.
Hcatherton, Rev. John, Magdalen Yard.
Henderson, Charles, wright, West Port.
Henderson, R.obert, surgeon, Cowgate.
Henderson, James, chair manufacturer, Castle Court,
Herald, James, cabinet-maker, Barrack Street.
Hill, James, manufacturer, Long wynd.
Hill, James, baker, Wellgate, w.
Hill, David, skinner, 17, High Street.
Hodge, James, lapidary, Nethergate.
Hogg, Alexander, corn merchant, Chapelshade,
Hogg, William, surgeon, 74, Murraygate.
Hoggan, James, vintner, Vault.
Hood, Andrew, vintner, St. Clement's Lane,
Hood, James, brewer, Wellgate, w.
Hood, Andrew, fiesher, 2, 1 Murraygate,

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