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Bisset, William, merchant, Murraygate s,
Black, David, grocer, Nethergate.
Black, A. and H. merchants, Overgate s.
Black, John, excise officer, Overgate n.
Black, John, assistant, Grammar School.
Blackie, Francis, teacher, Seafield.
Blair, James, land surveyor, Seagate s.
Biair, David, merchant and cashier Dundee Assurance C(
22, and 25, Murraygate.
Blair, David, jun. wood-merchant, Seagate s.
Blair, Miss* boarding school, Barrack Streec.
Blair, James, shipmasier, Fish Street.
Blinshall, John, grocer, Fish Street n.
Bli-nshall, & Smith, coal-merchants, Fish-market.
Blues, Alexander, shipmister, Murraygate.
Blyth, Henry, manufacturer of patent thread, Wards.
Borrie, David, shoemaker, 29, High Street.
Booth, G. King Street.
Bower, George, thread manufacturer, Overgate s.
Bowman, James, shipmaster, Barrack Street.
Boyd, George, hairdresser, Cowgate s. .
Boyd, George, Junr. public warehouse, Fish Market,
Bricknal, Andrew, draper, 44, High Street.
Brodie, William, vintner, Small's Wynd.
Brooks, William, draper and hosier, High Street.
Brough, James, tobacconist, Overgate s.
Brown, David, merchant, Castle Street, and Magdal<
Brown, William, tailor, Chapelshade.
Brown, Charles, vintner, Perth Road.
Brown, Andrew, flax-spinner, West Wards, and Wellgat
Brown, James, do. do. do.
Brown, John, do. do. do.
Brown, William, do. do. do.
Brown, George, manufacturer, West-port.
Brown, Alexander, staymaker, Nethergate 9.
Brown, Kinnaird, do. s.
Brown, Charles, surgeon, Fish Street.
Brown, Patrick, wood-merchant, Shore,

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