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At Robert Mudie's, vintner, Murraygate,
Arbroath, Carriers every lawful day.
Montrose, John Robertson, Tuesday and Friday,
Kirrymuir, DavidRobb, Tues. JFhurs. & Sat..
Do. John Low, do.
Do. John Moncur, do.
At James Young's, vintner, Murraygate,
Kirrymuir, James Kidd, Tues. Thurs. & Sat,"
Do. "William Smith, do.
Do. John M'Kenzie, do.
Douglaston, James Livingstone, Tuesday and Friday.
At David Ross's, vintner, Murraygate,
Glammis&Eassie, John Bennet, occasionally.
Glammis, Peter Kermath, three times a-week.
Kirrymuir, John Dundas, twice a-week.
Forfar, George Grant, Tuesday & Saturday.
Do. Charles Stewart, do. •
Do. Fost every night.
Liutrathen, John "Volume, Friday.
At David Fender's, vintner, Overgate,
Errol, John Crichton, Tuesday and Friday.
Coupar Angus, Andrew Hodge, do.
At John Easson's, vintner, Thorter-row,
Coupar Angus, George Herald, Tuesday and Friday.
Do. . John Mills do.
Muiie, James Strachan, Friday.
Broughty Ferry, David Petiie, Tuesday and Friday.
At David Duncan's, brewer, Overgate,
Nevay, William Butchart, Friday.
Anehterhouse, George Coupar, Tuesday and Friday.
Dronly, Thomas Anderson, Friday.
At David Rattray's, brewer, Overgate,
Lnnnjforgan, Peter M'Gregor, Tuesday and Friday,
Kirkinch, John Wright, do.
Meigle, Thomas Gellatly, do.
Fowlis, William Isles, do.
Inchmarlin, Mrs Craig, *o»

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