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itch of curiosity (combined with the ignorance of thtir dan-
gers and doctrines) and a wandering habit of enthusiasm,
call forth, at once, the critics, the blockheads, the gapers,
and the devotees; and if we may judge from the sample,
the auditors return little wiser than they went forth. The
narrative system of Wesley is there servilely imitated, with-
out one fresh spark of fancy, genius, or improvement ; and,
like some other diseases, it bids fair, methinks, to perish
from pulmonary affection. Duelling is fast approaching to
the north pole. The sword (formerly the pride of all true
cavaliers) is exchanged for the pistol ; and a bullet in your
belly is now as good as an ell of Ferrara steel in your body.
Brandy shops vend liquid poison, and (strange to tell !) the
resources of the state thus depend, in a certain degree, on
the continued gulping and murder of miserable and deluded
victims. Professions, in the present age, are not regarded i
Mankind consider them, from expeiience, as the foppery*
and fashionable compliments of the day, not as marks of
sincerity and esteem. The man who betrays you in the
morning, riots merrily with you till midnight. Men and
women do not always marry for conveniency : They wed
not to be happy, but to be rich, powerful, and affluent j
that they and their sons and daughters may shine in the
drawing-room, and ride in their coaches. Breed and de»
scent, wisdom and madcess, tawny or fair, deceased or
wealthy, old or young, are alike from the question in mo-
dern matches. The elegance of the ancient dancing assem-
blies is gone ! and in its place are introduced card playing f
and a warming reel before departure ! ! — Servants pilfer,
vagrants steal, and hypocrisy smiles. The dear deceiver,
after forfeiting his honour, is received into the favour of
every other woman of the sex. Bankruptcy is not the mor-
tal and fatal disease it was. Its virulence, however, de-
creases by habit ; and considering the number of annual pa-
tients now-a-days, the recovery is generally wonderful. — ■
Skeel tramping is yet in full blaze, and to be seen every law-
ful day of the week. In urinals we are highly improved j
and from the wooden loom and brown jar we have ascended
to the fair cream and clouded China-ware. The custom of

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