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Shipping. — The shipping (comparatively with the present)
were extremely limited; and these were regularly unrigged
and laid up fur the winter; and there was no voyaging
after Ottoher. The annual port revenue did not amount
to above twelve hundred pounds sterling ; and small vessels
were then built close to the west gable of the present
Sailors' Hall.
Vivres. — Vivres (especially vegetables) were scarce, and
could only be procured fresh on a Friday, and that only in
summer and autumn, there being then no winter feeding.
Onions, leeks, carrots, common kail, and cabbage, formed
the verdant catalogue. (John Lord Gray was the first who
introduced potatoes for sale from the "field in 1753.) They
â– were indeed cheap, and about one-fourth of the present
price. Beef one penny halfpenny per pound ; a hen four-
pence ; and eggs three halfpence per dozen. Spirirs had
not then shed their baneful effects, in general, over the
constitution and conduct of the lower orders. A draught
of malt beverage formed all the debauch of the labourer
and mechanic, and this was then so powerful as to send
them reeling and happy home. Butchers carrion (for such
things were, and perhaps now are) was then seized and
hung up i\% terrorem at the market cross, and afterwards
thrown into the river. Flour was unmixed ; and milk was
unadulterated. A choppen of ale was sold for a halfpenny ; a
goose for one shilling; a decent roasting pig for eightpence;
and a Scotch pint of Claret for four or five shillings.
Churches. — According to Dr. Small, there were then only
two established churches: one of them well frequented, and
a second one but indifferently. There was however a third
one (the Cross Church) which was appropriated solely as a
repository for hay for his Majesty's dragoon horses. So
comparatively small was the population at that period.
Shop Rents. — The highest rent in the High Street did
not exceed three pounds sterling ; and from the shops in
general, little was to be procured. The shopkeeper locked
his door at one o'clock p.m. and retired to feed : his custo-
mers (if he was of any note) were forced to wait his belly-
filing, and there was no resource. Some of these shops

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