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Daoid Zeman and Margaret Pourie's Monument.
To his most beloved Parents, David Zeman Merchant, a
Man of known Integrity ; as also to Margaret Pourie, his
most loving Wife ■ Patrick Zeman Merchant, their Son,
caused this Monument to be erected. They died in 1654.
This David Zeman 's Tomb; wherein he lies,
With his dear Wife, in grateful Obseques;
Sober and Wise, he pleasant in his Talk,
Faithful and harmless in his holy Walk;
His Life did please the Lord ; his Wife's great Care
Was, how to follow his Example rare :
Now both, in Heav'n enjoy Eternal Rest,
In Light and Glore, where no Care doth molest.
George Adamsons Monument.
While thou dost here enjoy thy Breath,
Continue mindful of thy Death ;
Death 's one long Sleep ; and Life 's no more
But one short Watch, an Hour before.
Here, underneath this Stone,
Lies Skipper George Adamson ;
Who died Anno Eighty four,
And was of Age Three and threescore.
We die to live, and live to die,
In Jesus Christ ; and so did I :
Which Christ as 1 have loved best,
Among his Saints, I hope to rest.
Lo here the certain End of ev'ry mortal one ;
Behold alive to Day, to Morrow dead and gone ,
But it is true, the lib'ral Heart God loves,
And, from him, still all Cause of Lack removes.
Here resteth, in the Lord, Isobel Broch, Spouse to George
Adamson, who departed 38. December. 1704. .
Baillie George Broun s Monument.
The Monument of George Broun, a mostdeserving Baillie
of Dundee, who having happily discharged this Office for the
Space often Years, in the Heat of the Fight (at the Intake
of the Town ) was mortally wounded by the Enemy ; by
which Wounds, in fighting having become faint, by Death,
he payed his Debt to Nature, and to his City and Country.
6. October, in the Year of our Lord 1651. Of his Age. SO,
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