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Mr Archibald Auchinleck' 3 Monument.
Here lies interr'd, who, sprung of worthy Race,
Match'd with the Provest's Daughter of this Place;
X,iv'd long in Hymen's Knot, tho' Fates decreed
For them no Child, yet Heav'ns this Want supply'd,
By good Balmanno, his Brother, rather Son :
Who honours now his Ashes, with this Tomb.
Mr Archibald Auchinleck lived in the Estate of Marriage,
with his beloved Wife Janet Auchinleck 26. Years. He died
in the Lord 27. November. 1647. Of his Age 47.
Death's uncontrolled Sithe movves all Men down,
From poorest Slaves, to him that wears the Crowns
Virtue nor noble Birth doth none exeem,
F'or, Death such Qualities doth not esteem :
But suddenly, and oft in middle Days,
As was this worthy one, entomb'd here lies.
Christine Wright and Gilbert Guthrie's Monument.
Faith, without Works, is dead ; the Scripture saith;-
Shew me thy Works, and thou wilt shew thy Faith.
Both Faith and Works in this blest Saint did tryste,
And show, unto the World, her Right in Christ.
This godly virtuous Woman, after she had lived in the holy
Bond of Marriage with her beloved Husband Gilbert Guthrie
31. Years, deceased 1. April. 1661. Of her Age 52.
Here lies (the said) Gilbert Guthrie ; a Man holy, good
and upright: A choice Citizen and a notable Support of his
Country, who died in 1674. Of his Age 67.
With honours great, some Men adorn their Dust;
His Honour, he religious was and just.
Of pious Works a fruitful Field was he ;
His Fame and Soul hence live eternallie.
Ferguson's Monument.
M. W. F. W. F. H. D.
Ye who pass by, of us, pray, mindful be,
You're what we were ; what now, and you shall see
All Things shall pass ; we went, and you shall go,,
Learned, unlearned, equally all so :
1 know, that my Redeemer lives; this Hope,
To me, in Grave, is comfortable Prope.

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