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Abraham and Sarah 's Monument.
Here lies an godly and virtuous Woman, Sarah Auchin-
leek, Spouse to Abraham Martine Frenchman, Chirurgeon
Barber; who departed this Life 25. July. 1665. Of her A^e
Here also lies an honest Man, Abraham Martine French-
man, Chirurgeon Barber, lawful Son of Abraham Martine
Merchant Burgess of the City of Metz. in Loraine; who de-
parted this Life 13. June. 1673. Of his Age 57.
Andrew Clerk' 's Monument.
The Monument of Andrew Clerk Glasier, a Man of nota-
ble Goodness ; who in this City lived most happily for the
Space of 40. Years, in the Bond of Marriage, with Katharine
Stevinson his most beloved Spouse. He died in 1694. And
the said Katharine, a most famous Matron, died that same
Year, being about the Age of 70. Years.
Andrew Cochran's Monument.
The Monument of Andrew Cochran Taylour, who died in
1663. This also is the Monument of his most loving Wife
Eupham Couper.
Here, in this Urne, good Andrew Cochran lies,
Sober and painful, harmless in his Ways.
Here also Eupham Couper, his dear Spouse,
Of good Report, a Monument did chuse.
Both void of Guile ; Pairs in Sobriety j
Both loving Virtue, with Integrity.
Lastly, who equal were, in holy Life,
Here sleep together, godly Man and Wife.
Andrew Schippert' s Monument.
Here lies an godly and honest Man Andrew Schippert,
Baxter Burgess of Dundee ; who departed this Life 13. No-
vember 1641. And of his Age 65.
Nathaniel's Heart, Bezaleel's Hand,
If ever any had ;
Then boldly may ye say, had he,
Who lieth in this Bed.
To his dearest Father Mr Andrew Schippert, his only Son,
Minister at the Church of Benvie, caused this Monument to
be erected.

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