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On an English Lady.
'Mongst Scottish urns, this English matron lies.
Grave, virtuous, modest, loving, chaste, and wise ;
The Poor, the World, the Heavens, and the Grave,
Her Alms, her Fame, her Soul and Body have.
On Mr Alex. Speid.
Time flies with speed With speed Speids fled
To the Dark Regions of the dead
With Speed Consumptions Sorrows flew
And stopt Speids speed for Speid it slew
Miss Speid beheld with Frantic woe
Poor Speid with Speed turn pale as Snow
And beat her breast, and tore her hair
For Speid, Poor Speid was all her care
Lets learn of Speid with Speid to flee
From Sin since we like Speid must die.
Andrew Archbald's Monument.
The Monument of Andrew Archbald, a notable Chirur=
geon; as also of his most loving Wife Katharine Pourie j
who died in 1662.
Here lies good Andrew Archbald, to his Art
Chirurgeon ; to the Poor he did impart
His helpful Hand : still minding God, who bids
The Christian, throw his Bread upon the Floods.
He in his Art most skilful was, and he
Excelled others, in that Mysterie
Of cutting of the Stone ; for, by his Skill,
He many heal'd, but never one did kill.
1 study'd much, to cut the Bladder stone;
To poor and rich a kind Chirurgeon.
Here learn'd and skilful Archbald lies, who was
To many Life, of Death to none the Cause.
His loving Wife, from his own Wealth, did raise
This Monument and Writing, to his Praise.
Reader, perhaps you ask her Name ; Lo here
The silent Stone "doth Katharine Pourie bear:
As Pourie Name, so she was truly pure,
And, by free Grace, from ev'ry Stain secure.
Death takes our Life, by man' a sore Disease,
And, by its Force, on Persons all doth seise :
King, Noble, Servants, wise, fool, poor and needy;
Dust are and Shade, subject to Death most greedy.

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