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In May 1774, the broad cloth merchants in Dundee
unanimously resolved to erect a broad cloth manufactory
there, in which they were all to have a share; and a
number in that town and the shire of Forfar, agreed not to
purchase broad cloth or hats except of Scotch manufac-
ture* # # ^ # # # #
Copy of the old Burgess Oath which made the breach
in 1745 among the Seceders : —
I shall fear, serve, and obey the eternal Lord our God. I
shall, profess, maintain, and continue in the true reformed
Protestant religion, and detest and abhor all other religions
repugnant thereto. I shall bear faith and true allegiance to
his Majesty the King of Great Britain, and his most Noble
Successors. 1 shall fortify and defend to the utmost of my
power, the common good and weal of the burgh of Dundee.
I shall reverence and obey the Magistrates thereof, especially
the Provost, Bailies, and Council of the same, — and all their
good and godly laws made for the common good of the Guil-
dry. I shall make concord among neighbours where discord
is. I shall handle and deal justly with all men in my own
occupation ; and shall not hide nor conceal unfreemen's
goods under colour of mine own ; nor be a partner of any
monopoly, — all which promises I oblige me to fulfil during all
the days of my life, by the holy name of God, the Father, Son,
and Holy Ghost.
It is said the oldest burying-ground in Dundee was St.
Paul's, between the Murraygate and Seagate. The next
was St. Roche's — the next St. Clement's — and then the
Houif. St. Clement's was between the Vault and the
Castle. The undermost step in James Stewart's stair,
east side of the Vault, is said to be one of the grave-stones.
The Castle stood on the top of the rock at the west end
of the Seagate; and it is said that the Scrymgeours of
Dundee, hereditary grand constables of Scotland, had a
coach road from Dudhope-house to the Castle, which
came through the Chapelshade, Meadows, and down St.
Paul's to the east end of the Castle. Thomas Playfair's

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