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the rest of the leading Presbyters, taken and sent by sea to
the Tower of London. After these notable actions of Gene-
ral Monk, all Scotland readily submitted to the English, and
all the towns and strong places either voluntarily came in, or
submitted upon summons. When there is no power to re-
sist, submission is necessary. The conqueror will be obeyed;
and he that resists against all hopes and probabilities, turns a
desperado, and as useless as the worst of cowards.
Dundee, ]2th March 1744. — Received from Capt. Peter
Williamson, shipmaster in Dundee, Two Shillings sterling,
as the firot moiety of subscription-money for the above four
sheets on copperplate, relative to the Town of Dundee; and
I oblige myself, upon payment of Three Shillings more, to
deliver him the foresaid four sheets in copperplate, against
the 1st of July next. (Signed) William Lauder.
Copy of a Dundee 5s. Bank Note in 1763.
No. Dundee, 8th Aug. 1763. £0 5
I, Robert Jobson, cashier to Geo. Dempster, Esq. and
Company, bankers in Dundee, by virtue of powers from them,
promise to pay to A ndrew Fitcairn, or the bearer, on demand,
at the Company's Office here, Five Shillings Sterling, or in
the option of the directors, a note of the Royal Bank, or Bank
of Scotland, for four such notes ; and these presents are signed
by me, and by Alex. Greenhill and John Guthrie, partners in,
said Company.
Al. Greenhill. Ro. Jobson.
Jo. Guthrie.
4th June, 1790. — The Dundee Whig Club addressed
the French National Assembly, congratulating them on
their enlightened views of liberty, — to which they receiv-
ed an answer from the President 51st July; and on the
27th August it was communicated to the Club. The
address was signed Geo. Dempster, President, and sent
to the French Ambassador, London, to be forwarded.
The whole members^ had the French National Cockade.
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