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Dundee Law is 525 feet high. It commands an e?
tensive and agreeable prospect ; bounded on the nort
by the Siedlaw hills, on the south by the hills in Fife,
and east and west as far as the eye can reach. The
slope from its top to the river is most beautiful, having
Dudhope Barracks just below, between the town and the
same ; the fine strath of Dighty on the north, Lochee
on the west, the Clepingtons on the north-east, the
Hillton of Dundee, Craigie, &c. on the east — all cheer-
ful views. # ^ * # * # #
In the year 1750, Captain Crichton of Dundee was
captured by Angria, the famous East India Pirate, who
put the following questions to him : —
Angria. — Where do you originally come from?
Crichton. — From Dundee, in Scotland.
Anuria. — Ay ! ay ! from Dundee!!! Then, pray, where
Jol's the Cross of Dundee stand ?
Crichton. — Near the west end of the large square, opposite
the new Town-house.
Angria. — How many steps are in it ?
Crichton. — Six steps, and all go round about it.
Angria. — Quite right. Where stands Monk's holm?
Crichton. — On the south side of the Nethergate, and east
from the Hospital, opposite to Girzie Gourlay's stable.
Angria. — Right again. Where stands the Machlin Tower?
Crichton. — Just at the west end of the broad of the Mur-
raygate, on the north side, where they have lately erected
a public Well, — to be called the Dog Well, from Archibald
Doig, a merchant, who has been at the expense of erecting
a dog on the top of it, cut out of a solid stone.
Angria. — I am much obliged to you for this information,
being news to me. But, pray, where stands St. Paul's ?
Crichton. — On the south side of the Murraygate, imme-
diately opposite to the Machlin Tower.
Angria. — Do you know St. Roche ?
Crichton. — Yes. We call it Semmirookie. At the east
end of the Cowgate, on the north side, near the Den burn.

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