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On the middle of the High Street, opposite the Town-
house, stood the Market-cross, which had been erected
in 1585, and taken down in 1777. It was an octagon,
with six steps all round, very convenient for the country
people on the Fridays, at the butter, cheese, and egg
market. The country fleshers then had their stands on
the street every Friday, and paid causeway-meal for the
liberty. The clearing the High Street of the Cross and
the Cross-well (which then stood in the very middle,
opposite to the top of Tindal's-wynd), was a great im-
provement, and the houses on both sides eminently
improved. Beyond Bogmill's land, where Alexander
Ogilvie's laboratory was, were old houses, mostly wood,
with pillars, and a walk within them, leaving the shops
and houses behind very dark; all the stairs projecting
outwards, which were a great nuisance in dark nights.
Some had cellar-doors to the street, which were at
times by accident left open, and often proved very dan-
gerous, by people tumbling down into them. I remem-
ber this being the case particularly with two cellars be-
low that large land facing Crichton Street. It was then
a timber land, the stone wall being seven or eight feet
behind the wood, and in this space, which was open be-
low, were the doors and stairs down to the dark cellars.
These cellars belonging to the inn of the house, then
possessed by a Mr Lyon, were often open at night, and
several severe accidents happened. Above it was Mr
David Jobson's writing-chamber. On the west of the
Hisrh street stood the Meal-market, where the English
Chapel now stands; and in the front of the Meal-market
stood the Trone, where the salt was sold on market
days, and where soldiers were often punished for of*
fences. Crichton Street and Castle Street are now fine
openings to the shore, to which we had no access with
carts in 1756, but by the Vault; the entry by Coutie's-
wynd, Tindal's-wynd, and Clement's-lane being com-
pletely shut up for carriages by outside stairs. Specs*

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