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cooper, both wooden fronts, a stone wall about six feet
within the front, and open back to the wall, for a dry
walk in wet weather. These open areas, often made
with piazzas, like the Townhouse, were numerous in
1756. At the head of the Murraygate, on the north
side, four or five lands adjoining had them, and a num-
ber of houses at the cross were the same way. At the
head of the Murraygate, where it and the Seagate fell
into one another, stood the ancient shambles, a most
disagreeable place for the heart of the town. In 1771,
the shambles and tenements on the west side of it, were
bought by the Nine Trades, and they built their fine
new Hall, with large shops below, and fine cellars, be-
sides separate apartments for every Trade. On the
south side of the shambles, in 1756, stood Sir George
Stewart's stables, which, with the shambles, were a com-
plete nuisance. On the east of the stables the Blue Bell
Inn, still standing, had then a timber front, hanging over
the street, though part of it is the very building that was
the magazine for the Castle. To the westward of the
stable was an entry to the back land, where Sir George
Stewart lived, then one of the best lodgings in Dundee.
All these are now taken in, and Castle Street made out
with excellent buildings on each side. This street,
though still rather narrow, makes an excellent entry to
the shore, which was much needed. Except Sir Geo.
Stewart's lodging (in which Admiral Lord Duncan was
born), the whole of what is now Castle Street, and east
to the Burnhead, was a garden, except a small space
at the south-west corner, for a wood-yard ; and the
whole south end was mire, the tide getting in within
the dyke, for the tide then always came as far north as
the north side of the bason, which bason is now filled
up, though, for many years, it was the only thing used
for cleaning the harbour of mud. In 1756, at the head
of Tindal's-wynd was an old wood land, where I served
my apprenticeship with Mr Patrick Crichton, writer.

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