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At the conclusion the reverend writer observes, that
" the sea, approaching to the right limb, invites to
trade and commerce of foreign countries ; and the
left,' separated from the right a full step, points to
| home trade in the northern parts of the county."
JpHe closes the whole in saying, that " the genius
ejof the citizens of Dundee is adapted both for war
« and poetry," &c. We rather suspect that this last
lijparticular part of the genius of the inhabitants has
taken flight long ago, to abodes where it finds bet-
ter encouragement and more congenial spirits.
Clia^ter .4.
Dundek, like most of the other towns in the low-
lands of Scotland, suffered much in a barbarous
age. It is said that the neighbouring mountaineers
claimed the property of the soil, and made no scru-
ple of conscience in descending from their fast-
nesses, and levying contributions on the inhabit-
ants, driving off their cattle, and otherwise injuring
their property. When that age was succeeded by
one of comparative refinement, it still had its share
in the distresses brought on by the turbulence of
ihe nobles. But it underwent the greatest calami-
ties in the troublesome times occasioned by the dis-
pute between Bruce and Baliol, respecting their,
eight to the crown of the realm.

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