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themselves comfortable, if they could only bear to
communicate some portion of the same to their
neighbours. The Wellgate communicates with the
Meadows by a very clean, neatly built street, call-
ed Meadow or Quality Street ; and by Baltic Street,
consisting chiefly of warehouses, a meeting-house,
and a well attended English school.
Chapter 3.
Proceeding from the great square running to the
west is the Luckenbooths. The house in the cor-
ner fronting the High Street, now possessed as an
extensive upholstery ware-room, is said to be that
which Monk lived in after getting possession of
the town ; there too, Anne Scott, daughter of the
Earl of Buccleugh, afterwards Duchess of Mon-
mouth, is said to have been born ; and in the re-
bellion 1715, it was occupied by the Pretender dur-
ing his stay in the town. The Luckenbooths run
west into the Overgate, or Argylegaet. The names
of Murraygate and Argylegaet shew that these no-
blemen must have had houses in these streets, and
have been particularly connected with the town.
A house in the Overgate, opposite to the wind-mill,
was said to have belonged to Argyle ; and many
charters declare that the lands of which they con-
tain the rights were bounded by Argylegaet. It is
probable that Argyle lost all his influence by the ac-
tive share he took in the affairs of the Covenanters;
c 2

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