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At the head of the Wellgate, the Bucklemaker-
wyncl goes off at right angles, and runs to the east-
ward as far as the Wallace burn. The name only
remains ; the trade is annihilated. North of this
wynd is a most beautiful bank, where several verv
neat houses have been built ; but like all the other
suburbs of the town, without any regard to plan,
or order, or mutual comfort and convenience. The
house of Hillbank is an exception ; the ground has
been neatly laid out around it, and the plantations
are thriving, in the midst of which the mansion
stands pleasantly retired.
Is early opposite to the Bucklemaker-wynd runs
Dudhope-wynd to the westward, leading to the
once famous Castle of Dudhope, the seat of the
Scrymgeours, Viscounts, and Earl of Dundee, — af-
terwards transferred to Graham of Claverhouse,
with the title of Viscount; now the property of Lord
Douglas, and converted into commodious and well-
aired barracks for soldiers ; with an additional
house for the officers' apartments, and a conveni-
ent hospital.*
At the. head of the Wellgate is the famous Laxhy
Well, of excellent water, which abundantly supplies
the town of Dundee. It seems to collect most of
the springs rising from the Law, Hillton, &c. and
by proper management, would have at all times a
plentiful supply .f
The suburb below Dudhope-wynd was excellent-
ly calculated for the most beautiful villas ; but has
j)een subjected to the same irregularity of plan and
building which seems endemic among those of the
inhabitants who have it in their power to make
* f S<?e A.-i cndix.

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