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dirty narrow closes, the Horse-wynd, and Peter-
street; with the Meadow by the same kind of closes,
and the Meadow-entry, which last very commodi-
ously leads out to the green Meadow and Ward, 1
and to the roads which go to the high and pleasant
ground on the north of the town.
At the east end of the Murraygate, or Wellgate
Port, the street branches into two, or after a few
paces, into three streets, — one running north and
the other two east, making a very small acute angle
with one another.
I. The Cowgate, the other original street of the
town ; and the only street of which the Port is al-
lowed to remain, in gratitude to the memory of Mr
George Wish art, who preached from it in the time
of the plague 1544, keeping the infected on the
outside, and the sound in the inside of the gate, to
prevent contagion. He was afterwards burned at
the stake in St. Andrew's in the bigotted and blood-
thirsty administration of Cardinal Beaton, who wit-
nessed the horrid spectacle, but was not long al-
lowed to survive it.
In this street, at the west end, in the corner that
likewise looks into the W T ellgate, stands the Union
Bank, in a very central situation for business. The
beautiful Chapel of Ease — St. Andrew's Church,
stands on the side of this street, on a pleasant rising
ground, ornamented with shrubberies: An unfortu-
nate coal-shed, destroying half the satisfaction aris-
ing from the view, stands close by it; but which is
about to be removed. This street communicates,
with the Seagate by St. Andrew's Street, making a!
beautiful approach to the Church, and continued

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