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buildings, were to the eastward nearer the castle,
and stood on the site of the present town-house,
guard-house, meal-market, St. Clement's lane, and
Vault. In the last of which places, in some arches,
over which modern houses have been erected, se-
veral traces can be observed of parts of the build-
ing, which have been connected with cells of con-
finement or restraint, attached to that church in
the days of the power of popish superstition.
The influence of the Earl of Huntingdon pro-
cured the change of the patron saint from St. Cle-
ment to the Virgin Mary ; and her church was ac-
cordingly revered as the principal — Hie illius tem-
plet, hie arma. Besides her church being the great
one, and taking precedence of all others, her crest
or badge — a pot of white lilies — with the scroll Dei
Donum over it, in allusion to the preservation of
David, became the armorial bearings of the town.
It was only in the reign of Charles II. that the town
received, from the Lyon Herald oifice, a crest and
supporters : The whole being now, azure, a pot
of growing lilies, argent ; for the crest lilies of the
same ; and for the supporters, two dragons, vert,
with their tails entwined below ; with the original
scroll, Dei Donum, above ; and an additional motto
at the bottom — Candor e et Prudentia, alluding to
the lilies and supporters— whiteness or purity, and
sagacity or foresight.

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