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Thomson, Alexander, carpenter, Saltfield lane
William, ironmonger, l^ew-Bridge street ; house, New-
ton Terrace
Allan, mason, Clune's vennal
James, portioner, York street lane
James, joiner, Sea lane
John, cart-wright, Greorge street
S' Eev. William (Roman Catholic Chapel), John street
Charles, farmer, Viewfield, Newton
Thwaites, John, clerk to J. T. G-ordon, shipping office, North
Quay, Saltfield house
Todd, Janet, straw-hat maker. Main street
Tosh, Alexander, carpet-weaver. Main street
James, carpet-weaver, Main street
Train, James, Content street
Turner, Thomas, shoemaker, Peebles street
Eobert, sawer, York street
■ ■ ' ■ ■- John, carter, York street lane
Undekwood, James, boot and shoemaker, Main street
John, weaver, Weaver street
John, smith, Main street
Vass, John, portioner, Main street
Mrs William, stay-maker, Peebles street
Andrew, letter-carrier, 33 Cross street
William, carpenter, G-reen street
Wallace, John, portioner, Clune's vennal
Andrew, carpet-weaver. Main street
Margaret, dressmaker, Main street
Wallacetown Academy (Wilham Watson, teacher), John street
Walker, James, mason, Peebles street
John, seaman, Eiver street
Mrs Eobert, Peebles street
■ William, mason, Peebles street
Watson, David, carter, Peebles street
John, compositor, Allison street
John, carter, Main street
• Mrs James, portioner, York street lane
■ E. B., grocer, spirit- dealer, manufacturer of lemonade and
ginger-beer, Wallace street
Eobert, portioner. Church street
• William, teacher, Wallacetown Academy, John street
William, farmer and carter, Peebles street
John, currier, John street
James, foreman, Content quarry ; house, Craigie cottage,
Content street
Webster, Mrs., Green street
W\'lch, Archibald, portioner, York street

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