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Ar;(U9 Life Insurance Company — J. h J.
Matliie &. Mauluckie, Wolf Craig, 131 Dumbarton
roaiJ, o^eiits.
Atlas Firt- and Life Insurance Company —
J. ^ J. Mathie ii Macluckja, Wolf Cruig, Ij]
Duinbartou road, agents.
Briton Medical and General Life Associa-
tion — Ii:. (Si E. Gentleman, 17 Daker street; John
C. M'Liiitofik, 40 Murray plaM; Andrew Craw-
ford, 106 Uaker street, agents.
Caledonian Tire and Life Insurance Com-
pany — James M. Slorrison, 13 Spiital st., a^jeut.
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company
— Wijliam Paton, 30 King stitee, agent.
Commercial Union Assurance Compnny
(Fire, Life, and Marine) — James Brown, Wolf
Crait;, 1:JJ Dumbarton road; W. K. Paterson,
Maxwell place, agents.
County Fire (JHice— W. K. Paterson, Mai-
well place, agent.
Edinburgh Life Assurance Company —
Chrystal <!i )Iacfarlane, 37 King street, ugeuu.
English and Scottish Law Life Insurance
Company— Alexander Jeukina, 25 King street,
General Life and Fire Insurance Company
— E. * E. llentleuian, 17 Uaker street, agents
Imperial Fire Insurance Company — John
Davidaon, 10 Port street, agent
Insurance (,"ompany of Scotland (Fire) —
Chrystal k. Macfarlane, 37 King street; (Fire and
Life) Morrison Ic Cunuiugliam, 17 King street,
Lancxshire Fire and Life Insurance Com-
pany — Alex, ilamiltcm, 5 Spittal street, agent.
Law Union Fire and Life Insurance L'om-
pany — Andrew Crawford, 106 Uaker st., agent
Life Association of Scotland — Chrystal k
Macfarlane, 37 Kini; street; George DrybdaJe, 39
Port street, agents,
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance
Company — Alex. Jenkins, ia King street, agent
National Provincial Plate Glass Insurance
Company— Wm. C. Sleveneon, 10 Murray place,
North British and Mercantile Fire and
Life Insurance Company — Uavid Tunibull, 22
King street; Urodie k, Co., 1 Orchard place;
Ilobert Campbell, 3!) Port street; Kobert Curror,
73 King Et ; Wm. Graliam, 30 King st., agents.
Northern Assurance Company (Fire) — Hill
& Catlicart, Wolf Craig, 14 Dumbarton road;
(Fire and Life) Alexander Monteath, 9 King
street, agents.
Queen Insurance Company (Fire and Life)
— Morrison h Cunningham, 17 King st , agents.
Royal Exchange Insurance Company (Fire
and Life; — T. L. Galbraitli, 47 Broad st , agent.
Royal Farmer's Insurance Company — R.
Jenkins, 56 King street, agent
Royal P'ire and Life Insurance Company —
J. ft J. Mathie ft Maciuckie. Wolf Ciaig, 13|
Dumbarton road ; .lobn Muirhead, °.*3 King st ;
James Dry.'idale. 9 King street, agents.
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Company
— W. K. Paterson, Maxwell place, agent
Scottish Commercial Insurance Company
(Fire) — Alex. Jenkins. '25 King street, agent.
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Com-
paoy — WiUiam Stevenson, 3 King street agent.
Scottish Imperial F'irc and Life Insurance
Company — James Gi.ay, 3 Upper Craigs, agent
Scottish National InsuranceCompany(Life)
— John Davidson, 10 Port street; (Fire) Chrystal
ft Macfarlane, 37 King street, agents.
Scottish Provident Institution — Hill &
Catlicart, Wolf Craig. 14 Dumbarton road, agents.
Scottish Provincial Fire and Life Assur-
ance Company — Jaraee T. Wingato, ri Murray
place, agent.
Scottish Union Fire and Life Insurance
Company — J. ft J. M. Morrison, 13 bpittal street;
John Murria, 4(i Murray place, agents.
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance
Company — John Murrie, 46 Murray i)lac8, agent
Standard Lift Assurance Company — ilor-
risoD ft Cunningham, 17 King street, agents
Sun Fire Insurance Company — John Muir-
head, 23 King street; William Stovensou, 3 King
street, agents^
Alloa — Thursdays before the third Sabbath of June and first Sabbath of December.
Bridge of Allan — Thursdays before the second Sabbaths of June and December.
Denny — Wednesdays before the lirst Sabbaths of May and November.
Dolliir— First Thursdays of May and November.
Dunblane— Thursdays before the third Sabbaths of July and February.
Edinburgh — Thursdays before the last Sabbaths of April and October.
Falkirk— Fridays before the first Sabbath of May and after the first Thursday of November.
Glasfjow — -Thursdays before the second Tuesday of April and last Tuesday of October.
Kincardine— Wednesdays before the fii-st Sabbaths of February and Atigust.
Linlithgow— Thursdays before the third Sabbath of July and first Sabbath of February.
St. Ninians — Thursday before the third Sabbath of June. Winter Fast not fixed.
Stirling— Thursdays before ihe third Sabbath of June and first Sabbath of December.
"Tillicoultrj'— Thursdays before the first Sabbaths of May and November.

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