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1 Mrs. BrowD, publican.
2 Peter -M'lntosh, hospital sergeant, Stir-
linashire Militia.
3 G. JMillcr. chimney sweeper.
4 E. Gati'iiey, publican.
7 William Dollin, pawnbroker.
10 Alex. Henderson, joiner and under-
11 J. Lamb, provisions. [taker.
15 Mrs. Dryden, provisions.
17 Andrew M'AUister. puolican.
18 Stephen Hare, barrack sergeant.
19 William Murray, tlesber.
21 John Chalmers. Hesher.
23 Peter M Muhon, broker.
26 Mrs. Train, provisions and dairy.
33 James MMahon, waste dealer.
„ J. liennet. musketry instructor, S. M.
„ Miss Maloney, teacher.
31 Miller, provisions.
35 Mrs. Dreghorn. provisions.
38 Mrs. Ireland, sick nurse.
41 E. C. Erskine. toys and gmallwares.
„ Georpe Erskine.
43 Thomas M'Nie. baker.
44 Thomas Hardie. dairy.
46 John .lohnston, brassloander.
„ Georpe Liddel. clerk.
„ Miss Walker, dressmaker.
47 Robert Walker, boot and shoe ware-
50 Wm. Morton, greengrocer. [house.
52-53 Mrs. Burden, brewer.
56 John Craiuie.
59 Edward Hoyes, maltster.
63 Miss Lucas, Whinwell house.
C4 Andrew Crawford, Belliield, writer.
., Captain Herald, do.
6.% Robert Sawers, do.
„ James Henderson, land satveyor.
,, John Lennox, grocer.
66 John Kidston. provisions.
„ William Kidston.
<i8 William Cunninp, acent.
(59 Robert Brown, publican.
70 Waller Meiklam, rurnishinirs.
71 James Summers, salesman croccr.
.. Alexander Neilson, shoemaker.
72 Wm. G. Ferguson, procer.
74 Mrs. Rankin, teacher.
„ James C. R. Wood, teacher of music.
75 Episcopal School.
76 Mrs. ^I'Culloch, publican.
77 David Peter & Co.. cabinetmakers.
Marykirk — D. Barnetson. missionary.
SO Mr9. JalTray, smallwares.
80 Miss JafTray, dressmaker.
83 Mrs. Barclay, broker.
84 James Barclay, tobacconist.
86 J. Neil, publican.
89 Patrick Convcry, broker.
91 Mrs. Doyle, broker.
93 Bridget Henry, broker.
94 Robert Louphran, broker.
96-97 J. & D. Younp, bakers and con-
„ David Younjr, baker. [fectioners.
99 J. M'Whinnie, publican.
101 Francis MGloan. provisions.
102 Oddfellows' Hall.
1 William II. Forrest, -urpeon.
2 William Wripht. of Broom.
3 William Johnston, M.D., surgeon.
4 Adam White.
5 Mrs. Captain Robertson.
St. Ninians Well Green— Duncan
M'Nie, dairyman.
6 Peter Dalgleish, candlcmaker.
7 Mrs. Roy.
8 Wm. C. Macnie. brick and tile maker.
9 James Hae. M.D.. suri^eon.
10 Misses -M' Ritchie, boarding and educa-
tional establishment for young ladies.
11 William Cochrane, draper.
Thomas Corbett, Viewforth.
Robert Sconce, Springbauk, sheriff-
Captain Willis. Viewtield lodee.
Lord Walter II. Erskine, Annliebl.
James Morrison, Wester Livilands,
Ebenezer Morrison, do., writer.
William .Mitchell, Woodlands, tanner.
John Shearer, Thrushville.
1 Geo. Wilkinson, ticket collector, C.R.
i Union Hall— P. Drummond. Tract Depot.
Jas. Robertson, Gas Company's collector.
Ale.\ander M'Nair. iron merchant.
George Hall, corn merchant. [librarian.
School of Arts Library— Jas. Robertson,
Caledonian Railway Goods Office — Wm.
Gas Company's Oliices. [Greig, agent.
; Gas Works— Peter Watson, manager.

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