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Mrs. Captain S. Kenny.
Daniel Hiiariv. waste dealer.
Stirlingshire Militia Stores.
Norman Masson, sergeant-major, S.JI.
Mrs. Col. Forbes, Siiowdon house.
1 William Broun.
2 Thomas Walker, druggist.
„ Mt3. Wilson.
8 Thomas Turnbnll, builder.
4 David Aduni, agent.
„ Miss Muckison.
5 Mrs. D. Fisher.
„ John M'Kenzie, M.A.. teacher.
<i Thomas Miller, engineer.
7 Itohert Frame.
„ William Waugh, veterinary surgeon.
8 Andrew Cowie, liostler.
„ William Willison, engineer.
lU Miss Miller, dressmaker.
„ Sirs. Andrew Learmonth, lodgings.
1 William Drysdale.
U Robert Drumniond, jeweller.
„ Grcgor Drunimond, do.
3 Mrs. Dmhie.
„ Major Scott, t'id Reciment.
4 Juines Drunjmond, draper.
5 George ^louat, commission agent and
6 .lohn Dick, writer. [wool merchant.
7 .John Christie, ironmonger.
8 Mrs. Dr. Anderson.
9 Misses Esam <!ii: Williams, boarding and
educational establishment for young
10 George Christie, brick and tile maker.
11 Miss Hamilton.
12 Rev. Robert Frew, D.D.. St. Ninians.
13 Miss Gordon.
14 Joliu MacEwen, sen., grocer,
,, John MacEwen, jun., do.
15 Rev. .John T. Gowanlocii.
IG Mrs. Peter MacEwen.
17 IMrs. Macmillan.
18 N. Wojenski, teacher of modern lin-
19 Jliss .lardine. [guages.
:^0 Archibald Henderson, draper.
Jlrs. Munnoch, South lod:.'c.
Mrs. Smith, Randolphdeld.
Misses Wright, Clifford park.
1 Tract Depot (hack entrance).
2 Peter Carmichael, confectioner.
3 James Graham, music-seller and piano-
forte warehouse.
4 Temperance Hotel— Peter Carmichael.
5 Robert Drumniond & Son, goldsmiths,
jewellers and watchmakers.
7 Francis Macki.son. civil engineer, archi-
tect and surveyor.
„ Duncan M'Ara.
„ Parlane JI'Farlane. grocer.
„ Mr.s. Hill, lodgings.
8 Andrew M'Lachlan, millinery and fur-
nishing warehouse.
9 S. Young, boot and shoe warehouse.
9 J Lambert Hcpting, jeweller and watch-
9if Peter ilurray, groceries, provisions
and meal store, house No. 1*0.
10 Post Office and Savings Bank— Wm. C.
Stevenson, postmaster.
11 Wm. Drummond & Sous, seedsmen
(back entrance).
12 James Millar, clothier.
„ William Vost, surveyor of taxes.
., James T. Wingate, writer.
13 .Tames M'Laren, publican.
14 John Christie, ironmonger.
1.1 James Wilson, painter.
Hi Robert Bald, painter.
17 Jus. Bauchop, boot and shoe warehouse.
13 Mrs. G. Murdoch, confectioner.
19 Golden Lion Hotel (back entrance).
20 Mrs. Ebenezer Johnstone.
„ Henderson & Patterson, land valuators
and surveyors.
22 Stirling Observer Office — Robt. Gray.
22.V Hugh Gavin, draper.
23 Mrs. Jack, publican.
24 Robert M'Nicol, publican.
25 John M'Kean, coal agent and grain
., Peter ^I'lntyre, smith and muchinist.
20 Henry Gardner, coal agent and toy
27 William Waugli. veterinary surgeon.
28 James Grant, juiith. and inspector of
weights and measures.
23| R. Henderson & Co.. clothiers.
28| Misses M-Lachian. dressmakers.
„ Mrs. Donaldson, lodgings.
28=J Alex. Baird & Sons, umbrella makers.
29 Robert Frater, plumber, brassfoundcr
and gaslittcr. house No. 20.

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