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Grahnm & Morton, ironmongers, tin- 30
smiths and gasfitters.
David Morton, ironmonper. 40
George Michie. salesman cutler.
Gibson & Keddie, pUirabera, brasS'
founders, and pnsfitters.
Mrs. Sinclair, lodirinps. 41
John Wilson, shoemaker, i-
Misses Haul &- Steven, dressmakeil.
Morrison &. Cunningham, writers. 41
Mrs. Duff, lodpings. 44
John Grant, clerk.
James M'Kinlay. clothier;
James Strachau. clothier.
T. &. D. Peacock, drapers. 4
Morpan & Co.. drapers. 40
David Turnbull, jeweller and optician. 48
Mrs. Alexander M'Donald, Woodside
Robert Finlayson, glazier. [cottage. 49
John Cairns, corn merchant. 50
Mrs. Bald, lodgings. 51
John Muirhead. writer.
Roberts. Shearer, bookseller, stationer,
and circulating library. 54
Alexander Fisher, law-clerk.
Mrs. Anderson.
James Gardner, cooper.
Alexander Jenkins, writer. [agent.
William I'eddie, stationer and news
Hugh Crawford, railway guard.
Hugh Crawford, jun., clerk. oG
John Barnes, hairdresser.
David Turnbull, jeweller. 58
"William (irahani, banker. o'.i
AVilliam Paton. bank accountant. 60
Royal Bank of Scotland — William 61
Graham, agent. 6
Henderson Brothers, drapers. C3
W. &. J. Trotter, hosiers, plovers, out
litters, and shirt makers.
Misses Baldie. dressmakers. do
Misses Fleming, milliners. GG
Mrs. Vance.
William Headridgc, photographer.
Robert Marshall, hatter.
City of Glasgow Bank — Chrystal &
Blacfarlanc. agents.
Chrystal & Alacfarlane, bankers and 6
writers. 6s
D. Middleton. cattle food manufacturer.
Robert Marshall, hatter.
Thomas Gillies. 69
Peter ^liller, ironmonger, house No. 37. 71
John F. Crawford, bookseller and I 72
stationer. I 73
United Kingdom Electric Telegraph
Company — J. F. Crawford, agent.
Stilling Journal and Advertiser OfBce
— James Hogg.
Temperance Hotel — Wm. Dowdy, sen.
William Dowdy, jun.
William Robertson, hatter.
J, &i A. Drummond, drapers, and clan
tartan warehouse.
Thos. Binning, saddler and coal agent.
Duncan Macnab, writer.
Sasine Oftice — Robert Curror.
Mrs. and Miss Robertson, milliners and
Rev. Thomas Crcrar. [dressmakers.
.lohn Vance, boot and shoe warehouse.
Peter Drummond, Tract Depot.
AVm. Drummond & Sons. seedsmen, and
agricultural implement warehouse.
John Wands, china merchant.
Golden Lion Hotel Coach UfBcc.
Golden Lion Hotel— Duncan Campbell.
.John M'lntosh, hostler.
J. Si G. Henderson & Co., grocers.
D. Middleton. cattle food manufacturer.
George T. Beattie, commission agent.
John M'Donald, cooper.
Dougald Cnwan. coach wheel maker,
Wm, Bryce. cabinetmaker and uphol-
AVilliam MDoiigall. joiner, [sterer.
John M'Donald, publican.
Union Bank of Scotland — J.&J.Mathie,
Jolin D. Mathie, writer. [agents.
James Jl'Cracken. publican.
John Chalmers. M.l)., druggist, house
John Jamieson, clothier. [No. 58.
Andrew Maloch, gunsmith and cutler.
William Harvej. watchmaker.
Adam Herron, cabinetmaker and
James Robertson. [upholsterer.
William Dowell. tailor.
Menzies & Melrose, drapers.
Banks Brothers, blacksmiths, lock-
smiths, iron bedstead and perambu-
Mrs. Banks. [lator makers.
Edward Banks, blacksmith.
Jas. Brown, letter-carrier and tailor.
Mrs. Brown, lodgings.
.James Smith, grocer and tobacconist
Williant Jenkins, gcnernl dealer.
Daniel MEwen, iron merchant.
Volunteer Orderly lioom.
liobert Liddel, grocer.
W. & A. Johnston, drapers.
Robert Curror. banker.
Bank ofScot land-Robert Curror. agent.

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