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• !• Mrs. Uenderson.
10 Robert Reid, clerk.
11 J. B. Stephenson, coal apcnt.
„ Robert Steplienson. wood merchant.
12 James Davie, ironfounder.
„ John Diivie, clerU.
John Todd & Sons, wool-spinnera.
Thomas Hassel. clerk.
William Ilassel, Forthvale cottage.
Ralph Hill, do.
David Houston, Forthbank cottage.
Thomas Raines, proprietor of trarelling
thrashing machines, Bridgehangh.
1 Peter Bett, fruiterer, fishmonger and
game dealer.
2 J. MQueen, refreshments.
3 Mrs. MGibbon, dairy.
5 Christopher Canby. engraver.
„ James Chalmers, reed and camb maker.
„ Miss Chalmers, straw hat maker.
„ Alexander Kerr, blacksmith.
6 James Harley, sherifT-oflicer.
7 William Maltman. cabinetmaker.
8 John Steel, plumber, brassfounder, and
paslitter, house No. 18.
9 William Multman. cabinetmaker.
10 Mrs. M"Laren, provisions.
„ Mrs. Cameron, lodsinps.
11 Mrs. M'Nab, toy shop.
12 Mrs. Simpson, millinery and furnishings.
13 William Marshall, bootmaker.
l.'i John Dobbic. bont and shoe warehouse.
17 Mrs. Auld, small wares.
18 Mrs. Leask. te.iciier.
„ Miss Wrij.'hl, millmer.
„ Mrs. Anderson, loJcincs.
,, Henry Murray, salesman grocer.
19 Mrs. Robertson, flesher.
20 James Millar & Sons, grocers.
21 Royal Hotel— Archibald Campbell.
1 Miss KidstoD.
,, Mrs. Reid.
2 William Cathcari. writer.
3 Thomas Menzies, draper.
4 Thomas Steel.
5 Mrs. Burden.
„ William Burden.
7 Panton cc Co.. maltsters.
8 Burden's Brewerv.
Roman Catholic Chapel— Rev. Paul
10 Henry Esdon, cabinetmaker.
„ Thos." Ronuld. accountant, F. & C. R.
„ Rev. James Gilfillan, D.D.
11 George Hunter, wool merchant.
12 Miss Irvine.
P. Wallace. Rock cottage, auctioneer.
Viewfield U.P. Church — Rev. James
Gilfillan, D.D.
County and Burgh Police Ofilces.
Justice of Peace Court-room.
Sherifl* Court-room.
1 Hugh Ferguson, boot and shoe ware-
2 Young &, Saunders, grocers.
3 Miss Wright, dressmaker.
„ A. & C. Fairbairn & Macnab, builders.
,, Mrs. Duncan, lodgings.
„ Mrs. Watt, lodgings.
„ Miss Watt, dress and cloakmaker.
„ William Stevenson, writer.
„ John Burnett, mason.
„ Patrick G. Morison. writer.
4 Wright & Co., millinery warehouse.
5 John Mackieson, hairdresser.
C James Millar & Sons, bakers and con-
7 Kirkwood & Walker, chemists and
8 Athenseura Subscription Library and
Reading Room — A. Jack, librarian,
9 Clydesdale Bank — James Drysdale,
„ James Drvsdale, banker. [agent.
10 R. F. M'Lachlan, publican.
11 J. G.'Maclean, accountant, stockbroker,
and insurance agent.
„ William Simpson, architect.
„ William Smith, carter,
„ Macfarlane Free Library and Museum
— John Yorston, librarian.
12 Alexander Murdoch, saddler.
13 Thos. Young, carver and gilder.
14 James Mitchell, clothier.
15 Misses Paton, teachers of white seam
„ Alex. Stewart, publican. [sewing.
„ John Drummond, foreman smith.
„ Peter M'Intyre, machinist and lodgings.
„ Mrs. Graham, lodgings.
„ Misses Turner, dressmakers.

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