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21 Peter SclioficlJ, St. Niniiins and Ban-
nockburn post-rnnner,
29 James Ueid, provisions and lodgings.
40 William Reid, brewer.
„ Daniel Stewart, jeweller.
45 Duncan Fisher, bootmaker.
4tJ Georpe Chalmers, builder.
fjO James .Scott, provisions.
62 Mrs. Miller, provisions.
3 James Gray, seedsman, manure and
corn merchant.
5 Duncan i Jnmieson, steam printers.
() Janet Moves, green iirocer and dairy.
7 IJobert Smith, provision dealer.
.Tames Colville. provision dealer.
10 Miss Hepburn, fish and game dealer.
lOi Alexander White & Son, builders.
„ John Wingate, smith.
„ i\Irs. Macfarlane, lodgings.
„ John ^lacfarlane, clerk.
„ John Brown, sen., salesman grocer.
„ John Brown, jun., clerk.
„ Andrew Black, shoemaker.
,, George Johnstone, watchmaker,
„ Alexander Niddry, photographer.
lOj Jlrs. Fraser, lodgings.
12 Mrs. Valentine, grocer.
13 lleformed Presbvterian Church — Rev.
William Binnie, D.D.
14 Thomas Smith, moulder and engineer.
„ John Paton.
„ .John Graham, joiner.
25 P. & R. Paterson, tan works.
,, .Tames Allan, foreman tanner.
27 James M'Farlane, carter and dairyman.
37 James JI'Alpine, brick and tile maker.
Saranel Kerr, gatekeeper, C.U.
41 Henry Watt, cabinetmaker.
43 James Wilkie, gardener.
45 Alexander Lindsay, foreman fitter.
48 Mrs. Doig, lodgings.
40 ^Irs. M'Naughton, provisions.
52 Mrs. Dewar, dairy.
."i8 Andrew Beatli. surgeon, Craigs house.
.'i9 Mrs. Wilson, lodgings.
t!0 John M'Gibbon. carter and dairymau.
.. David Moycs. foreman fitter.
(!1 Mrs. Thomson, lodgings.
(>2 .fohn Weir, steamboat purser.
04 Alexander llendrie, tinsmith.
(>5 Alexander Paton, quarrier.
(!(] Walter Johnston, publican.
•iS John Chrvstal. hosier.
09 John IM'Millan. rerated water manu-
70 Robert Dow, publican. [facturcr.
72 David M'Grcgor. slater.
7.3 .Tames ])ow. dairrman.
77 John M'Luckie. joiner.
79 George Owen, sen.
„ Geo. Uwen, jun.. smith and machinist.
81 James Angus, dyer.
„ Mrs. Fletcher, midwife.
82 Archibald Merrilees. plumber, brass-
founder, and easfitter.
„ John Clark, dairyman.
1 Robert Dick, saddler.
2 Jliss Gilchrist.
3 iNliss Robertson, dressmakers.
4 Henry Gardner, coal agent.
iMrs. M'Neil, lodcings.
„ Charles Brown, salesman draper.
„ i\Irs. Neilson, lodgings, [joiners.
(J John Morrison tv Sons, builders and
8 Stirling ^Erated Water Manufactory —
„ Thos.M'Nab, joiner. [.lohn M'Millan.
„ Robert Adam, corkcutter.
9 John Craigie. plasterer.
Allan Park U.P. Church— Rev. Jolin
T. Gowanlock.
Bowling Club— .Tohn Wands, secy.
10 Kemp. Murray i Nicholson, agricultu-
ral implement and reaping machine
makers, blacksmiths, builders,house
carpenters and joiners.
12 D. & J. JIacEwen Jc Co. (storerooms.)
13^ J. & J. iNIathie i Macluckie, Wolf
Craig, writers.
14 Hill & Cathcart. Wolf Craie, writers.
„ Miss Harvey and Miss M'Gregor.
Joseph Cook. i(Uiirter-master sergeant,
Stirlinirshire Alilitia.
David M'Farlane. Militia Staff.
William Christie, watchmaker.
Castle hotel — Hugh Wood.
1 Forth and Clyde R.ailway OflTice — R.
2 Mrs. Hay. [Young, manager.
3 Misses Mouat.
4 William Liddel. LTOcer.
5 Ebenezer Gentlem.an, jun.. writer.
Hugh Gavin, draper. •
7 .lames Graham, music-seller.
8 Mrs. Humble.

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