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37 M. Schofield. provisions and spirits.
33 Edward M'Sulljr,sergeRnt. Stirlingshire
„ Archibald White, colour-sergeant, do.
40, i1 John Laini;, publican.
43 Robert M'Nicol, brewer.
44.4 John Ross, bootcloser.
45 James Whyte, salesman bookseller.
4G Alexander Allan, paymaster-sergeant,
Stirlingshire Militia.
„ James Crawford, night-sergeant. Burgh
47 Town Clerk's Office— T. L. Galbraith.
„ IJeijistmrs Office — Adam Steel.
48 James Kane, china merchant.
4'J Council Chambers.
., Police Court-room.
., Justiciary Court-house.
.. Master ol' Works Office— Wm. Smith.
50 Charles Nicholson, colour-sergeant,
Stirlin[;shire Militia.
51 Weigh-house and Butter Market.
52 Mrs. Jack, publican.
53 Andrew Bowie, bugle-major, Stirling-
shire Militia.
., Robert Robertson, sergeant, do.
54 Banks' Court.
„ James Gray, missionary.
., Alexander Grant, watchmaker.
., Robert Struthers, contractor.
55 Miss Moir, dairy.
5G John il'Killop, hawker and provisions.
59 David Anderson, greengrocer.
CO Robt. .M. Walker, Sheriff clerk-depute.
„ James Kane, china merchant.
., James M'Laren, bootmaker.
„ James M'Lean. sergeant, Burgh police.
G2 Alexander Forrester, fishmonger.
(J5 Miss Quin, dressmaker.
i'.<) .1. Dawson &, Co.. public.ins.
68 I\Irs. Burns, of Garvald.
'_' Ralph Brown, clerk.
., David Forgan, piano maker.
., James Morton, cutter.
.. Duncan Stewart, sawyer.
„ S. t^ampson. overseer surfaceman, C.R.
3 Alexaiuler iNIorrison, builder and joiner.
,, John Muirhead, writer.
„ John Inglis, clerk.
.. John Dewar, inspector, F. & C. J. R.
., John M'Lean, superintendent Wallace
3 William Valentine, clerk.
4 W. S. Dunlop, salesman ironmonger.
„ James Lawson, ironmonger.
1 William Scotland, engine driver.
,, William M'Leod. wright.
2 William Linklater. confectioner.
3 Ralph Ilalket. plumber.
4 Helen Gourlay, provisions.
5 Mrs. Henderson, lodgings.
6 Mrs. Russell.
7 Mrs. Fulton.
8 John Finlayson, saddler.
9 John iM'Intosh.
., John Fitzpatrick. inspector. S. & D. R.
,, Wm. Fitzpatrick. cashier, C.R.
10 Robert Hardie. plumber.
11 George Duncan, printer.
12 Jlrs. M'Crae. lodainL's.
St. Ninians Well Brewery— Andrew
13 Mrs. William Taylor.
„ Robert Taylor, manufacturer.
14 James Taylor, wool merchant.
Robert Taylor i Sons, woollen manu-
James Lucas. Tower orchard.
George Johnstone. The llaugh.
William Rankine. bootmaker.
James Henderson, ferryman and publican.
James Mathie, grocer and manufacturer,
High street.
Andrew Watson, St. James's orchard.
Alexander Walker, teacher.
1 William Dawson, broker.
26 Peter Do well, provision dealer.
30 Mrs. Christie, lodgings.
31 Mrs. M-Alpine. provision dealer.
34 William M'Xicol. publican.
John Wilson, gardener.
John King. Knockhill.
James Eadie. Crotthill dairy.
Philip Kinnaird. dairy.
1 George Cunningham, superintendent of
2 James Dick, town-officer. [cemetery.
3 George Hall, corn merchant. [police.
4 Henry Buchan. superintendent, burgh

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