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Angus, J. & J., 6oA Port street.
PuUar i Sons, J., 40 Port street.
Dnvie. Brown & Youn;.'. Stirling Foundry,
11 Orchard place.
Gould. Siuiili & Co., Burnside Foundry,
20 Lower Craips.
Kemp, Murray L }sicbolson, 10 Dum-
barton road.
Maekison. Francis, M.ixsT.c.E.,7Murray pi.
Miller, Tiionias S.. Park lane.
Sinclair, James, Shore.
Gilchrist, .7. & J., lit Baker street.
Gillespie, Thomas, Newliouse.
Maloch, Andrew, CI King street.
Beit, Petjr, 1 Friars street.
Forrester. Alexander. C2 Broad street.
Hepburn. !Miss, Id Upper Craigs.
llobertson. Mrs., CC Port street.
Koy, W. i; D., 78 Port street.
Balrd & Co.. AYilliam. 70 Port street.
Chalmers. .lolin, 21 M. Mary's wynd.
Dow, ■\Villiain. 10 Broad street.
Ewing i Co.. Wni.. 4 liarnton place.
Finlayson. James, 3rt Baker street.
Kerr, Robert, lib Baker street.
Marshall. James, G7 Port street.
Murray. William, St. Marv'swynd.
Pollock. James M.. <;".. HO Cowane street.
Roberts, Robert, 110 Baker street,
Robertson. Mrs., 40 Baker street and 19
Friars street.
Thomson, W. & J., 22 Port street.
Anderson, John, lessee of fishings, river
Forth, i!» Wallace street.
Dryadale. James, les-see of fishings, river
Forth. 4> Baker stn.et.
Ilogg, Robert, manager Anderson's fish-
ings, 15 Lower Briiise street.
Macgrepor. William, lessee of fishings,
river Forth, Corn E.\change hotel, 1
Spittal street,
Napier, Joseph, watcher of fishings, 87
Bilker street.
Abercroniby, Archibald, 30 Port street.
Bett, Peter, 1 Friars street.
Cameron. Donald. 00 Baker street,
Fergus, Robert, 3 Barnton place.
Fraser, Miss, 10 Broad street,
Gilchrist, Alexander, '1\ Spittal street,
Gilchrist, J. c^ J., W) Baker street.
Laing, William, 31 Baker street.
Miller, Mrs., Batterflat.
Morton, William, 50 St, Mary's wynd.
Moyes, Janet, G Upper Craigs,
M'Vean, John, 11 Port street.
Napier, Joseph, 7 Baker street.
Purlane, J., 27 Port street,
Sinclair, William, S3 Broad street.
Allan, John, 03 Port street.
Bett, Peter. 1 Friars street,
Hapburn, Miss, 10 Upper Craigs.
Robertson, Mrs., 00 Port street.
Roy, W. & D., 78 Port street.
Ahercromb)', Archibald, 30 Port street,
Cameron, Donald. (iO Baker street,
Cowie, Robert, Newhouse.
Fergus. Robt., 3 Barnton place,
Gibson, T., 41 Lower Bridge street.
Gilchrist, Alex., 21 Spittal street.
Laing, William, 31 Baker street,
Macnie, Duncan, Newhouse.
Risk, John, 52 Lower Bridge street.
Wilson, John, 34 Castlehill.
Frater, Robert, 21t Jlurray place,
Gibson & Reddie, 17 King street.
Graham &, Morton, 17 King street,
llardie, J. & J., 43 Port street.
Ilardic, Robert, 45 Port street,
llendrie, A., 72 Port street.
Merrilees, Archibald. 82 Upper Craigs.
Peddle, George, 8 Baker street.
Riddell & Robb, 28 Broad street.
Steel, John, 8 Friars street.
Finlayson, Robert, 23 King street.
Tait, John, 48 Port street,
CoAvbrouph & Co., James, 7 Port street
and 03 Baker street.
Dow, William, 10 Broad street.

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