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Craigie, John, plasterer, 9 Dumbarton road.
Craigic, Mrs., lodgings, 15 Allan park.
Craise, Miss, lodgings, 2 Port street.
Cram, William, publican, 11 Cowane st.
Craniond, Samson, traveller, Newhouse.
Crawford & Watt, cabinetmakers and
furniture wareroonis, 34 and 35 Baker st.
Crawford, John (of Crawford i. Watt), 35
Baker street.
Crawford, Alex., tinsmith, Dalgleish court.
Crawford. Andrew, writer, 10(j Baker St.,
house 13ellHeld, 04 St. Mary's wynd.
Crawford, Andrew, commercial traveller,
60 Baker street.
Crawford, Hugh, guard, F. &. C. R., 27
King Street.
Crawford, jun., Hugh, clerk, F. & C. R.,
27 King street.
Crawford, James, night-sergeant burgh
police, 46 Broad street.
Crawford, John, shipowner and farmer,
Crawford, John F.,bookseller and stationer,
and agent United Kingdom Telegraph
Company, 39 King street.
Crawford, Robert, Inland ReTcnue officer,
21 Nelson place.
Crawford, Thomas, publican. Donne road.
Crawford, Wm., grocer, 54 Lower BridgesU
Cribbes, Robert, publican, Newhouse.
Crocket, David, currier and leather cutter,
43 Spittal street.
Crowe, Alex., photographer, 33 Murray pi.
Culross, D.D., Rev. James, 6 Park place.
Cumming, Wright, boot aud shoe ware-
house, 17 Bow St., house 3 Victoria pi.
Cunning, William, agent, Reform Friendly
Assurance Society, 68 St. Mary's wynd.
Cunningham, George, superintendent of
cemetery. Castle wynd.
Cunningham, John M. (of ^lorrisoa &.
Cunningham), 5 Allan park.
Currie, Robert, joiner and burgh assessor,
13 Port street.
Curror, Robert, Bank of Scotland, 73 King
Btreet, house 72 King street
Cuthbertson, Mrs., 22 Park terrace.
Dalgetty, John, bootmaker and leather
cutter, 3 Bank street.
Dalgleish, G. & D., candlcmakers, 5 Baker
Dalgleish, Peter (of G. & D. Dalgleish), 6
Pitt terrace.
Dall, Captain Robert, 10 Park tcrrncc.
Dull, William C, delivery clerk C.R., 10
Lower Bridge street.
Davidson, Ale.x., Militia Staff, 06 Baker st.
Davidson, Andrew, smith, 91 Baker street.
Davidson, John, writer, and distributor of
stamps and collector of taxes, 10 Port
street, house 16 Albert place.
Davie, Andrew (Post office), clerk, 72
Cowane street.
Davie, George (Robert Lawson), cutter,
44 Murray Place.
Davie, Brown & Young, iron and brass-
founders, millwrights and engineers,
Stirling Foundry, 11 Orchard place.
Davie, James (of Davie, Brown &. Young),
12 Forth place.
Davie. John, coal agent. N.6.R. station.
Davie, John, traveller, Newhouse.
Davie, Miss, lodgings. 111 Baker street.
Davie, sen., Richard, sheriff-officer, 13 St.
John street.
Davie, jun., Richard (Sheriff-clerk's office),
clerk, 13 St. John Btreet.
Dawson, John, publican, and Custom-
house, New Bridge.
Dawson, John, publican, 60 Broad street.
Dawson, Miss, lodgings, 34 Queen street.
Dawson, Miss, 3 Clarendon place.
Dawson, Mrs., publican, 37 Spittal street.
Dawson, Mrs., lodgings, 10 Baker street.
Dawson, W., furniture dealer, 1 Castlehill.
Dempster, John A., tobacconist, 5 Port st.
Dempster, Mrs., 6 Albert place.
Dewar, John, inspector, F. & C. J. Rail-
way, 3 Bruce street.
Dewar, Mrs., dairy, 52 Upper Craigs.
Dewar, Peter, King's Park farm.
Dick, James, town-officer. Castle wynd.
Dick, John, of Craigengelt, writer, 6 Mel-
ville place.
Dick, Mrs., provisions, Newhouse.
Dick, Robert, saddler, 1 Dumbarton road.
Dick, Robert (Geo. Hall), clerk, 39 Queen
Divine, C, chimney sweeper, 74 Baker st.
Dobbie, John, hoot and shoe warehouse,
15 Friars street.
Doi^, Mrs., lodgings, 48 Upper Craigs,
Dollin, W., pawnbroker, 7 St. Mary's wynd.
Don, William (D. & J. MacEwen & Co.),
40 Queen street.
Donaldson, Mrs., lodgings, 28J Murray pi.
Donaldson, Mrs., lodgings, 19 Nelson pi.
Douglas, Mrs., The Elms, 28 Park terrace.
Dow, James, dairy, 73 Upper Craigs.

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