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Mackie, Wm,, blacksmith, Castle Street
Menzies, George, sui'geon, Square
Menzies, Miss E. , Female School, Fife St.
Milne, Jas. , coal merchant, Kirkton St.
Milne, A., White Horse Inn, Kirkton St.
Mitchell, Mrs., Castle Street
Mitchell, Gv, painter, Fife Street
Mitchell, J., plasterer, do.
Mitchell, Wm., shoemaker, Castle Street
Morrison, A., merchant, Kirkton Street
Morrice, , V.S.
Morgan & Naughty, carpenters
Morgan & M'Connachie, masons
Murdoch, John, Kirkton Street
Myren, James, flesher, Fife Street
M'Connachie, A., flesher, Square
M'Connachie, John, tailor, Conval Street
M 'Donald, A., grocer, Conval Street
M 'Donald, J., steam mills, Castle Street
M 'Donald, D., baker, Castle Street
M'Gregor, John, brewer, Mortlach Dist.
M'Intosh, John, tinsmith, Conval Street
M'Innes, Miss, dressmaker, Castle Street
M'Intosh, A., carrier, Castle Street
M'Kay, William, mason, Kirkton
M'Kay, Wm., tailor, Kirkton Street
M'Pherson, James, builder, Fife Street
M'Pherson, John, architect and builder,
Fife Street
Patillo, A., merchant, Square
Peddie, C, shoemaker, Castle Street
Petrie, James, North of Scotland Bank,
Fife Cottage
Proctor, James, tailor, Castle Street
Ragg, Mrs., Stamp Office, Fife Street
Riddoch, George, druggist, Square
Ritchie, A., shoemaker, Fife Street
Ross, James, baker, Fife Street
Rutherford, George, S.C.D.
Shand, William, merchant, Square
Shand, John, cartwright, Conval Street
Shiach, George, builder, Kirkton Street
Shoolbraid, Rev. John, F.C. Manse
Smith, James, merchant, Fife Street
Spence, John, carter, Castle Street
Spence, William, tailor, Kirkton Street
Stewart, Thomas, gardener, &c, Castle
Stewart, John, farmer, Tininver
Stewart, J., Plough Inn, Fife Street
Stewart, P., Fife Wool Mills
Stewart, Misses, dressmakers and milli-
ners, Tininver
Symon & Son, saddlers, Square
Taylor, George, innkeeper, Fife Street
Thomson, Peter, Fife Wool Mills
Walker, John, merchant, Conval Street
Walker, P., feuar, Conval Street
Walker, John, accountant, Fife Street
Ward, James, stoneware merchant
Warrack, James, feuar and postrunner
Wilson, W., Fife Arms Hotel, Square
Wilson, James, officer of Inland Revenue
Wilson, P., watchmaker, Square
Wiseman, John, wheelwright, Castle St.
Yeats, John, cabinetmaker, Conval St.
This glen lies between Benrinnes and Corchabie hills, and is about four miles in
length, and two in breadth, partly in the parish of Aberlour, and partly in Mortlach.
Hitherto a mission district, with a Royal Bounty Chapel, it is aboiit to be erected
into a quod sacra parish. It is traversed by the county road from Dufftown to
Heritors — Duke of Richmond and Earl of Fife.
Minister — Rev. George Gordon.
Schoolmaster — (a General Assembly School) — A. A. Fairnie.
Post Office — Dufftown.
Nearest Railway Station — Dufftown.
Anderson, James, farmer, Lynemore
Brown, James, farmer, Aultbeg
Brown, James, post runner, Recletich
Brown, John, farmer, Fauchanbrain
Cameron, John, farmer, Tomnagylach,
Chiistie, John, farmer, Backsheans
Dallas, James, farmer, Dellacham
Dallas, John, carpenter, do.
Fairnie, A. A., schoolmaster
Glass, Charles, farmer, Milton
Gordon, Rev. Geo., The Manse
Gordon, Wm., farmer, Balmerion
Gordon, Chas., farmer, Favillar
Gordon, Alex., farmer, Lochterlandich.
Gordon, Alex., farmer, Rinaitin
Gordon, Wm., farmer, Achnastank
Gordon, Chas. , merchant, Lochterlandich
Gordon, Wm., mason, Kilnhillock
Gordon, John, innkeeper, Glack of
Grant, Charles, farmer, ClaskmarlQch
Grant, Robert, farmer, Knowe
Green, Wm., farmer, Allavallie
Hay, John, miller, mill of Laggan
Hepburn, Mrs., farmer, Folds
Innes, George, farmer, Bregach
Innes, John, farmer, tipper Balandy
Innes, John, farmer, Nether Ackmore
Innes, James, farmer, Wester do.
Innes, John, farmer, Knockanbeg
Innes, Mrs., merchant, Elevride
Innes, Jas., blacksmith, do.
Kemp, Chas., farmer, Recletich
Mackie, James, farmer, Achbreck
Middleton, Francis, gamekeeper, Shank
M'Connachie,, Wm., farmer, Nether
M 'Connachie, Alex. , farmer, Mid Balandy
M'Connachie, Alex., farmer,, Easter Ach-
M'Connachie, Jas-.,, farmer,, RMn&tock-

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