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This parish is partly in Morayshire, but chiefly in Banffshire, which, in shape, re-
sembles a sandglass, contracting at Keith to a breadth of less than four miles. The
parish of Keith is thus the connecting link between two divisions of the county of
Banff, generally termed the lower and upper districts. _ It is some six miles in length,
by about as many in breadth ; and, in 1861, its population was as follows : — In Keith,
2648 ; Fife-Keith, 896 ; Newmill, 601 ; landward district in Banffshire, 1527 ; do. in
Morayshire, 271 ; total, 5943. The increase from 1851 to 1861 was twenty per cent., the
highest in Banffshire, while in Keith alone it was twenty-five per cent.
The principal town for business, markets, courts, is Keith, which is within little
more than half a-mile of the general terminus of three important lines — the Aber-
deen and Inverness Junction, the Great North of Scotland, and the Dufftown and
Strathspey. The Dufftown line, of which the Strathspey line is a continuation, runs
through the north-west end of Keith, where there is a very convenient station.
Keith is built on the Earl of Seafield's property, while Fife-Keith and Newmill —
separated from Keith by the water Isla — are on Lord Fife's.
Heritors— The Earl of Fife, the Earl of Seafield, Andrew Steuart of Auchlunkart,
George Petrie Hay of Edintore, and Alex. Kynoch of Greentovvn.
Patron -The Earl of Fife.
Minister — The Rev. Thos. Annand ; ordained, 1857.
Session Cleric— A. G. Biemner.
Schools — Keith Parish School — Teacher — James Smith, M.A., aided by a certificated
assistant, who has three pupil teachers. Newmill School — chiefly supported by the
Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge— Teacher — -John Banks. Glen of New-
mill General Assembly School— Teacher — John Urquhart. District of Tarrycroys
Venture School — Teacher — Wm. Bremner. District of Achanassie Venture School —
Teacher — Win. Cameron. Bogbain Venture School— Teacher — John Milne. Female
Schools — A Young Ladies' School for the more advanced branches, taught by the Misses
Glass ; and a Female School for the ordinary branches of an industrial education,
taught by Mrs and Miss Taylor.
Free Church — Minister — Rev. Archibald M'Gilvray ; ordained, 1843.
Free Church School — Teacher — George Allan, assisted by two pupil teachers.
United Presbyterian Church — Minister — Rev. James Forrester.
Episcopal Church — Minister — Rev. Hugh Bethune Moffat.
Roman Catholic Church — Priest— Rev. Charles Tochetti.
Parochial Board — The Parochial Board is composed of forty members. Chairman
— Malcolm Stewart, factor to the Earl of Fife. Inspector and Assessor — John
M'Connachie. Collector — John Forsyth. The rate of assessment on ownership, after
the usual deductions, is 9|d. per pound ; and on occupancy — dwelling houses, Is. 2jd.
per pound ; other houses and lands, 7^-d. per pound.
Banks — Branch of the North of Scotland — Agent— Wm. Longmore. Town and
County — Agent — Wm. Thurburn. Union— Agent — Charles Green.
Solicitors — Win. Thurburn, Chas. Kelman, James Gordon, and James Richardson.
Temperance Society — Honorary President — A. S. George, Haughs. Secretary — P.
Wilson, watchmaker. Treasurer — P. G. Wilson, watchmaker.
Literary Society — Honorary President — Dr Turner; the other officials elected
Libraries — Keith Subscription Library — Librarian — Wm. Garrow; and a library
in connection with the Parish Church Sunday School.
Keith Rifle Volunteers (3d and 4th Banffshire) — Officers of 3d Company — Captain—
Robert Gordon, Hotel. Lieutenant — J ames Gordon, solicitor. Ensign— Geo. Kynoch,
jun., manure merchant. Officers of ith Company — Captain — Wm. Thurburn, solicitor.
Lieutenant — James Richardson, solicitor. Ensign — Alex. Smith, factor's assistant.
Registrar — John M 'Connachie.
Station Agent — Robert Murray.
Mills — The most extensive mills are those owned by A. & J. George, and G. & G.
Kynoch, the former for the manufacture of flour ; and the latter comprehend a bone
mill, a carding, spinning, and weaving factory, at which Scotch tweeds are manu-
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