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Tweedie, John, com. agent, 9 Lamb St.
Watson, John, farmer, Gray Cottage,
High Street
White, Alex., blacksmith, 9 Bridge St.
Wilson, Mrs. A., grocer, 8 East Back St.
Wilson, Alex., carter, 8 East Back St.
Winchester, Mrs. Win., grocer, 10 Bridge
Winchester, Alex., mason, 48 North St.
Young, Robert, writer, Millbank
Young, Robert, mason, High Street
Young, Wm., overseer, Hospital Quarry,
10 West Back Street
Young, William, mason, Myrtle Cottage,
Balmoral Terrace
Youngson, George, moulder, Waterside
Aird, Alexander, merchant
Allan, Richard, mason
Anderson, William, sawyer
Anderson, William, mason
Brown, James, residenter
Clunas, John, flesher
Dean, James, tea dealer
Docharty, James, contractor, Rothes
Duncan, William, labourer
Edward, Alex., bookman
Elder, Donald, wright
Falconer, James, shoemaker
Ferguson, James, baker, Union Street
Forsyth, Joseph, flesher, High Street
Fraser, William, brewer
Fraser, Alex., shoemaker
Gordon, George, flesher
Grant, Finlay, mason
Grant, John, engine cleaner
Grant, Donald, mole catcher
Jenkins, James, carter
Kynoch, William, carter
Laing, William, watchmaker, Union St.
Loggie, David, mason
Miller, William, carter
Milne, John, carter
Murray, James, carter
M'Kenzie, William, fireman, M. R.
M'Kenzie, James, shepherd
MKessack, William, millwright
M'Neil, Alex., carpenter
M'Rae, John, flesher
Petrie, George, carter
Phimister, John, carpenter
Phimister, Miss, teacher, Cemetery St.
Reid, James, railway pointsman
Russell, Alex., carter
Shearer, Hugh, residenter
Sim, James, mason
Smith, Peter, storekeeper
Smith, Thomas, railway porter
Smith, David, tailor
Squair, James, flesher
Stuart, James, carter
Stuart, Charles, carter
Urquhart, John, mason
Urquhart, Walter, grocer, Union Street
Watson, James, hawker
Watt, Mrs., innkeeper, Union Street
Wiseman, John, shoemaker
The town of Forres is of very ancient origin. During the ninth and
tenth centimes it was a place of considerable note, having been fre-
quently the temporary residence of the reigning Kings of Scotland,
some of whom lost their lives there. The original charter having been
burned in time of war, no distinct date of the royalty can be given ; but
a new charter was granted by James IV. in 1496.
The Arms of the burgh consist of the Patron Saint, St Lawrence,
in a long habit, standing on a brander ; a Chaplet round his head ; at
his right side a Crescent, and at the left a Star of six points ; holding
in his right hand a book, with the motto, "Jehovah tu mihi DeusJ'
quid deest," — Jehovah is my God, what is wanting.
Burgh population (1861), 3508 ; inhabited houses, 715 ; annual
value of real property in 1862-3, £7245 ; Parliamentary constituency,
171 ; municipal do., 155 ; weekly market, Wednesday.

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