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Tindal, Thomas, shoemaker, 53 South St.
Topp, Wm., Ashgrove
Torrance, Mrs., 76 South Guildry Street
Turnbull, John, poulterer, 154 High St.
Turnbull, Florence, station master, Mor.
Raily., 61 South Street
Turnbull, Dr., Aldroughty
Tweedie, John, emigration and com.
agent, 16 Commerce Street
Urquhart, Mrs., 7 Reidhaven Street
Urquhart, Mrs., Oak Inn, 12 South St.
Urquhart, David, grocer, 265 High St.
Urquhart, Alex., road contractor, 268
High Street
Urquhart, Alex., Agnes Cottage, Rail-
way Terrace
Urquhart, Alexi, 14 Academy Street
Urquhart, L. C, West Villa, 28 Hay St.
Wallace. Mrs., lodgings, 15 Institution
Walker, John, baker, 15 Commerce St.
Walker, Henry S., cabinetmaker, and
upholsterer, 9 South Street
Walker, William, Kintrae, 167 High St.
Walker, George, baker, 63 High Street
Walker, James, engine driver, 45 High
Walker, James, weaver, 45 High Street
Walker, George, meal dealer, 31 High St.
Walker, Robert, Linkwood Distillery, 9
North Street
Walker, James, weaver, 22 South College
Walker, Wm., manager, Linkwood Dis-
tillery, 25 South Guildry Street
Waters, James, ironmonger, 169 High
Street ; h. 26 Academy Street
Watson, Misses, dressmakers, 179 High
Watson, Jas.,bookseller,159 High Street ;
Watson, James, hawker, Lady Lane
Watson, George, 23 ReOhaven Street
Watson, Andrew, saddler, 10 Greyfriars
Watson, Wm., overseer, Elgin Courier,
175 High Street
Watson, Alex., street porter, 12 Grey-
friars Street
Watson, William, cabinetmaker, 202
High Street
Watson, Charles, manager, Gas House
Watson, J., carpenter, 19 Lossie Wynd
Watson, James, wood merchant, Elgin
Sawmill ; h. Hay Street
Watson & King, Elgin Sawmill
Watt, Mrs. R. J., 6 Guildry Street
Watt, Alex., mason, 5 Abbey Street
Watt, Alex., manager'Morayshire Rally.
Watt, John, shoemaker, 135 High St.
Webster, William, reporter, 27 Abbey St.
Wickham, Benjamin, Queen Street
Wilson, John, slater, 4 Greyfriars Street ;
h. 30 Academy Street
Wilson, James, watchmaker, Francis PL
Wilson, James, gardener, 184 High St.
Wilson, James, draper, 118| High St. ; h.
3 Batchen Street
Williamson, Miss, Academy Place
Williamson, Robert Ross, hat manufac-
turer, 7 South Street
Williamson, James, manager, Water Co.,
45 High Street
Wilkie, Wm., mason, 145 High Street
Winchester, Alex., gravedigger, 194
High Street
Winchester, George, cooper, 230 High St.
Winchester, James, grocer, 77 High
Street ; h. 2 Lossie Wynd
Winchester, Elspet, lodgings, 145 High
Wink, Mrs., 27 Moss Street
Wink, Francis, plumber, 167 High St.
Wiseman, Jas., shoemaker, 53 South St.
Wiseman, Wm., gardener, 18 Batchen St.
Wiseman, Miss, dressmaker, 53 South St
Wordie & Co., Railway agents, 3 Batchen
Wright, Joseph, shoemaker, 22 High St.
Wylie, Rev. Francis, The Manse, South
Whyte, Dr. George, house surgeon, Gray's
Yeadon, Alfred, grocer, 1 Queen Street
Young, Mrs., lodgings, 211 High Street
Young, James, sen., Elgin Brewery, 40
South College Street
Young, John, druggist, 116 High Street ;
house 15 South Street
Young, James, jun., Elgin Brewery
Young, William, of Bm-ghead, Fleurs
Young, Alex., Fleurs
Young, Alex., carpenter, 35 Moray St,
Young, Alex., mason, 53 South Street
Young, James, photographer, Plough Inn
Court, 106 High Street
Younie, Mrs., lodgings, 10 Academy St.
Younie, Lewis, furniture warerooms, 11
Academy Street

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