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Shand, Mrs., grocer, 187 High Street
Shand, James, draper, 75 High Street
Shaw, Robt., railway porter, 179 High St.
Shepherd, John, sheriff officer, 50 High St.
Shepherd, Alex. , shoemaker, 125 High St.
Shiach, David, collector petty customs,
11 South Street
Shiach, James, dentist, 5 Commerce St.
Sidey, Dr., Springland, Institution Road
Sim, Jas., wood merchant, 303 High St.
Sim, Wm., shoemaker, 241 High Street
Sime, Mrs., dressmaker, 37 South Guildry
Sime, Alex., blacksmith, 230 High St.
Simpson, Mrs. C, grocer, 1 South
College Street
Simpson, Mrs., merchant, 285 High St.
Simpson, Miss, matron, Elgin Institution
Simpson, Mrs. A., grocer, 20 South Col-
lege Street
Simpson, James, town crier, Forteath's
Close, 30 High Street
Simpson, Alex., cabinetmaker, 15 Batchen
Simpson, Alex., plasterer,4 South Guildry
Simpson, David, plasterer, 13 South
Guildry Street
Sinclair, Lachlan G., mason, 26 South
Guildry Street
Sinclair, J. C, postmaster ; h. 20 King St.
Sive wright, Alex., 1 Lossie Wynd
Skene, Miss, 100 High Street
Skeen, Wm., Pluscarden post runner, 125
High Street
Skeen, Alex., gardener, Institution
Skinner, Wm., writer, High Street
Skinner, James, Gentlemen's Boarding
School, Weston House, 70 Hay St.
Smith, D. Macleod, Sheriff-Substitute,
South Bank, 36 Academy Street
Smith, Wm., druggist, 157 High Street ;
house, 24, North Street
Smith, Mrs., 28 South Guildry Street
Smith, Misses, Fancy Warehouse, dec, 18
Commerce Street
Smith, John, Keeper of Elgin Cathedral,
Porter Lodge
Smith, Thomas, bookseller &, stationer,
124 High St. ; h. Railway Terrace
Smith, Wm., watchmaker, 57 High St.
Smith, David, blacksmith, 91 High St.
Smith, James, mason, 95 High Streeb
Smith, George, flesher, 21 Lossie Wynd
Smith, Robt., carpenter, 5 Abbey Street
Smith, Wm., P.O., 26 Abbey Street
Smith, Wm. , saddler, 30 Academy St.
Smith, John, tailor, 5 Academy Street
Smith, James, shoemaker, 236 High St.
Smith, James, carpenter, 167 High St.
Spence, Isabella, grocer, 64 South Col-
lege Street
Squire, Hugh, commission agent, 220
High Street
Stamp Office, 22 North Street
Stephen, Miss, 49 Moss Street
Stephen, Miss, 55 Moss Street
Stephen, Alex., shoemaker, 217 High St.
Stephen, Alex., cabinetmaker, 14 High
Stephen, John, Friars House, Institution
Stephen, Alex,, shoemaker, Lady Lane
Stephen, James, Elgin Brewery carter,
305 High Street
Stiven, Jonathan, Inspector of Poor ; h. 7
South Guildry Street
Stewart, Mrs. General, Clanallan Cottage
Stewart, Misses, dressmakers, 91 High St.
Stewart, Mrs., 5 Reidhaven Street
Stewart, Mrs. Capt.,13 South Guildry St.
Stewart, Jessie, grocer, 8 South College
Stewart, Capt. James, Lesmurdie Cottage
Stewart, Alex., accountant, Caledonian
Sxewart, Robert, bookseller, stationer, &
photographer, 143 High Street
Stewart, Geo. , moulder, 7 Academy St.
Stewart, George, broker, 239 High St.
Stewart, Robert, plasterer, 24 South
Guildry Street
Stewart, Wm., fancy bazaar,113High St.
Stewart, Jas., meal store, 121 High St.
Storm, J as. , mason, 28 Abbey Street
Stronach, Andrew, Sheaf Inn,203High St.
Sutherland, George, seedsman, 24 New
Sutherland, George, gardener, Rose Bank,
Sutherland, Andrew, carrier, 211 High St.
Sutherland, John, carter, 33 South Col-
lege Street
Sutherland, James, hairdresser, 137 High
Sutter, Wm., blacksmith, 60 High St.
Swanson, John, supervisor, 12 South Col-
lege Street
Tan- Work, The Elgin, Lossie Wynd
Tait, George, V.S., Seafield Cottage, R,ed-
haven Street
Taylor, Miss, dressmaker, 8 CommerceSt.
Taylor, Mrs., lodgings, 14 South Guildry
Taylor, Mrs., 7 King Street
Taylor, Dr. James, Easton
Taylor, John, grocer, 142 High Street
Taylor Wm., & Son, coppersmiths, 152
High Street
Taylor, Wm., plumber, 29 North Street
Tester, Wm. , coffee house, 7 Batchen St,
Thain, Charles, barber, 211 High Street
Thorn, John, tailor, 86 High Street
Thorn, John, carpenter, 95 High Street
Thomson, Isabella, lodgings, 91 High St.
Thompson, Charles A., Captain, and Ad-
jutant E.R.V., Maida Cottage, Moss
Thompson, Lewis, mason, 12 South
Guildry Street
Thompson, John, Morriston
Thomson, Alex., Royal Liver Society, 57
High Street
Thomson, John, hairdresser, 18 High St.
Thomson, Rev. John, R.C.C., 19 Insti-
tution Road
Tillie, Mrs., 23 South College Street

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