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Leith, William H., of Palmercross
Leslie, John, blacksmith, Fif e ArmsOourt,
96 High Street
Lind, Rev. Adam, U. P. minister, 11
Moss Street
Linkwood Dairy, 18 New Market
Lockliart, Thomas, broker, 52 High St.
Longmoor, Alex., shoemaker, 10 High St.
Lothian, Rev. W, , Congregational Church,
6 Batchen Lane
Lowe, Miss, dressmaker, 21 King Street
Lyon, Wm., sergeant County Police, 16
King Street
M 'Allan, Wm., cabinetmaker, 66 South
Macandrew, L., Newmill
Macbey, P., land surveyor and valuator,
and Inspector and Surveyor for En-
closure Commissioners, Woodside
M Bain, Duncan, lodgings, ISO High St.
Macbean, James, grocer, 191 High Street
Macbean, P. , saddler, 114 High St.
M^Beath, Miss, dressmaker, 40 High St.
M'Beth, James, carpenter, 24 Academy
Macbarnet, Misses, Southfield Cottage,
. 39 Moss Street
M'Bride, Wm., draper, 72 High Street
M'Currach, James, Post Office clerk, 63
High Street
M'Caskie, John, shoemaker and worsted
shoe manufacturer, 25 High Street ;
h. 23 High Street
Macdonald, Mrs. John, Poplar Lodge, 2
Queen Street
Macdonald, Mrs. P., 13 King Street
Macdonald, Mrs. , matron, Gray'sHospital
Macdonald, Wm., writer, and agent for
Caledonian Bank, 162 High Street
Macdonald, Wm., Academy; h. 27Reid-
haven Street
Macdonald, Wm., bookseller, 56 High St.
Macdonald, Malcolm, watchmaker, 231
High Street
Macdonald, S., hairdresser, 33 High St.
M 'Donald, Mrs., 13 West Road
M'Donald, Miss, milliner and dress-
maker, 175 High Street
M'Donald, Peter, Fife Arms Hotel, 96
High Street
M'Donald, James, tailor, 114 High St.
M'Donald, David, flesher, 5 New Market
M Donald, John, seedsman, 21 New
M'Donald, John, gardener, 17 High St.
M'Donald, Donald, baker, 226 High St.
M'Donald, Wm., shoemaker, 213 High St.
M'Donald, Chas., mason, Francis Place
M'Donald, Donald, Refreshment Rooms,
I. & A. J. R. Station
M'Donald, Hugh, patternmaker, 53 South
M'Donald, Alex., flesher, New Market
M'Donald, Alex., tailor, 27 South Street
M'Donald, Jas., currier, 7 Academy St.
M'Eachran, James, commission agent,
141 High Street '
M 'Hardy, John, carter, 9 Moss Street
Rlacf arlane, Rev. James, Baptist Church,
9 King Street
M'Farlane, Thomas, nailer, White Horse
Close, High Street
M'Fadzean, James, collector, Inland Re-
venue, 219 High Street; h. 10 Insti-
tution Road
M'Gillivray, John, & Son, 5 Lossie Wynd,
Advertiser Office
Macgregor, Miss, teacher, girls' depart-
Tirc T ment ' Free Scn °ol, Elgin Institution
M Intyre & Asher, drapers, Glasgow
Warehouse, 88 & 90 High Street
M Intosh, Miss, lodgings, 25 South Guil-
dry Street
M|Intosh, Peter, gardener, 2 Abbey St.
M'Intosh, Joseph, candlemaker, 16 Lossie
M'Intosh, Donald, sawyer, 211 High St.
M'Intosh, Jas., painter. 28 Commerce St.
Mackintosh, Mrs., Pans
Mackintosh, Lachlan, merchant-tailor,
11 Commerce Street : h. Moss Bank
Mackay, J. W. Norris,M.D.,llNorth St.
Mackay, John R., goldsmith, 165High St.
Mackay, H. M. S., landsurveyor, 82 High
Street ; h. 3 Reidhaven Street
M'Kay, Wm., dyker, 305 High Street
M'Kay, Wm., carter, Lady Lane
Mackay, Alex., plasterer, 305 High St
Mackie, Rev. Philip J., 23 Institution
Mackie, John, moulder, 41 North College
M'Kean, Mrs., 2 Batchen Lane
M'Kellar, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Batchen
M'Kenzie, Mrs., lodgings, 141 High St.
M^'Kenzie, Miss, lodgings, 167 H'gh St.
M'Kenzie, Alex., agent for Commercial
Bank, 209 High Street
M'Kenzie, Daniel, shoemaker, 211 High
M'Kenzie, John, carpenter, 249 High St.
M'Kenzie, Andrew, carpenter, 253 High
Mackenzie, Colin, wood merchant, West
M'Kenzie, John, shoemaker, 205 High St
M'Kenzie, Alex., shoemaker, 168 High
M'Kenzie, Thomas, 8 Institution Road
M'Kenzie, Alex., veterinary surgeon, 64
South College Street
M'Kenzie, John, mason, 145 High Street
M'Kenzie, Wm., shoe merchant, 16 New
M'Kenzie, Wm., carpenter, 23 AbbgySt
M'Kenzie, Jas., Trades' School, 36 Moss
M'Kenzie, John, 167 High Street
M'Kinnon, Miss, 33 Moray Street
M'Kinnon, Miss, 26 Academy Street
M'Kinnon, Miss H, 3 West Road
M'Kimmie, Mrs., 9 North Street
M'Kerron, John, grocer, 181 High St.
Mackissack, John, grocer,jl86 & 188 High

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