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Forbes, James, accountant, Linkwood ;
h. Rose Cottage, 11 Greyfriars St.
Fordyce, John, cooper, £33 High Street
Forsyth, Misses, 107 High Street
Forsyth, Miss, View Park, 30 Hay Street
Forsyth, Mrs. W. G., Leslie Cottage, 7
West Road
Forsyth, Mrs., 20 South Guildry Street
Forsyth, David, writer, Royal Bank, 163
High Street
Forsyth, John, ironmonger, 112 High St."
Forsyth, Joseph, flesher, 4 New Market
Forsyth, Thomas, flesher, 9 New Market
Forsyth, James, grocer, 134 High Street
Forsyth, John, grocer, 216 High Street
Forsyth, James, carpenter, Lady Lane
Forsyth, George, manager, Morayshire
Foundry, North Street
Forsythe, John S., accountant, Fife Park
Fraser, Hugh, merchant-tailor, 2 Com-
merce Street
Fraser, John, carpet shoemaker, 257
High Street
Fraser, Chas., hostler, 5 Academy Street
Fraser Henry, cabinetmaker, 7 Batchen
Fraser, James, contractor, 274 High St.
Fraser, Alexander, dyker, 94 High Street
Fraser, James, shoemaker, 131 High St.
Fraser, James, millworker, 47 North Col-
lege Street
Friar, James, spinner, 5 High Street
Gall, Wni., accountant, Union Bank ; h.
25 Reidhaven Street
Gallon, Alex., grocer, 228 High Street
Gatherer, George, writer, 30 North St.
Gatherer, James, tailor, 5 Batchen St.
Gavin, John, West Park
Geddes, Mrs. Dr., Laurel Bank, Institu-
tion Road
Geddes, Misses, Lossie Bank
Geddes, Wm., carpenter, 87 High Street
George, Mrs., King Street
George, James, New Market Inn, 130
High Street
Gibson, John, grocer, 261, High Street
Gilbert, Mrs., 5 High Street
Gill, Miss, lodgings, 22 Academy Street
Gill, Misses, 15 South Guildry Street
Gill, James, baker, 32 High Street
Gill, Robert, White Horse Inn, 160HighSt.
Gillanders, James, lodgings, 2 South Col-
lege Street
Gilzean, Mrs., 13 Guildry Street
Gilzean, Mrs. W., 57 South Street
Goldie, Mrs., lodgings ; 9 South College St.
Goldie & Kintrea, Misses, dressmakers,
185 High Street
Goldie, Alex., shoe merchant, 6 New
Goldie, Alex., grocer, 21 High Street
Gordon, Rev. Donald C, Free South
Church, 10 Moss Street
Gordon, Mrs., West Lodge
Gordon, Mrs., 3 South Street
Gordon, Mrs., lodgings, 224 High Street
Gordon, Alex., CityFiscal,6 Batchen Ln.
Gordon, John, plumber, 16 South Street
Gordon, Charles, grocer, Commercial
Buildings, 60 High Sti-eet
Gordon, John, draper, 128 High Street
Gordon, Jas., cabinetmaker, 210 High St.
Gordon, Robert, flesher, 3 New Market
Gordon, John, moulder, 39 North College
Gordon, James, gunsmith, 221 High St.
Gordon, Alex., stabler, 272, High Street
Goodwillie,Thomas,sculptor, 56 South St
Gow, John, city missionary, Murdoch's
Wynd, High Street
Gow, Miss Sarah, lodgings, 7 South Guil-
dry Street
Gow, James, carter, 4 Academy Street
Graham, Mrs., midwife, 95 High Street
Graham, Miss, dressmaker, Ladies' Re-
gistry, 22 South Guildry Street
Grant, James, Provost, Elm Grove
Grant, James, Prospect Lodge
Grant, Misses, Margaret Place, Moss St.
Grant, Mrs Captain,61 South Guildry St.
Grant, Miss J., 8 South College Street
Grant, Mrs. Allan, 7 Batchen Lane
Grant, Misses, 59 Moss Street
Grant, Miss, 17 South Guildry Street
Grant, Mrs., 55 High Street
Grant, Mrs., cow feeder, 255 High Street
Grant, Miss J., grocer, i 3 High Street
Grant, Mrs., grocer, 19 South Street
Grant & Jameson, writers, 126 High St
Grant, Peter, Superintendent of City
Police ; h. 23 Greyfriars Street
Grant, Sergt. George, 17 South Guildry
Grant, Alex., gardener, North College
Grant, Jas., P.C., Court House Cottage,
High Street
Grant, James, confectioner, 129 High St.
Grant, Alex., 41 Wiseman's Lane
Grant, James, thatcher, 259 High Street
Grant, James, gardener, 259 High Street
Grant, John, mason, 237 High Street
Grant, James, mason, 179, High Street
Grant, Wm., accountant, 92 High Street
Grant, Alex., Plough Inn, 106 High St.
Grant, Peter, flesher, 11 New Market
Grant, Wm., draper, 136 High Street
Grant, John, carter, 202 High Street
Grant, Robert, pensioner, 7 Academy St.
Grant, John, Meywar Cottage, 40 Moss
Grant, James, clothier, 19 High Street
Green, Alex., clerk, 62 Academy Street
Green, Alex., shoemaker, 211 High St.
Grigor, Wm., writer, 1 North Street ; h.
The Haugh
Grigor & Young, writers, 1 North Street
Grigor, James, cartwright, 7 Greyfriars
Grigor, W., gardener, 43 Wiseman's Lane
Grigor, Wm., shoemaker, 1 Moss Street
Grigor, John, grocer, 243 High Street
Grigor, James, shoemaker, 41 High St.
Grigor, John, hay weigher, South Street
Hampton, John S., druggist, 73 High St. ;
house 55 High Street

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