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Adam, John, saddler, 104 High Street
Adam, Maria, merchant, 53 So. Guildry St.
Advertiser Office, 5 Lossie Wynd
Allan, Mrs., 23 Greyfriars Street
Allan, John, corn merchant, 2 King St.
Allan, Alex., Elgin Shoe Warehouse, 105
High Street
Allan, James, registrar, &c, Kay's Close,
95 High Street
Allan, Thomas, farmer, 27 Moray Street
Allan, George, flesher, West Park Road
Allan, Robert, carpenter, 13 Batchen St.
Allan, Alex., mason, 3 Queen Street
Allan, James, mason, 45 High Street
Alexander, Miss, Ladies' School, 55 South
Alexander, Mrs., lodgings, 205 High St.
Alexander, Alex., watchmaker, 94 High
Allison, Jas., contractor, 253 High Street
, Anderson, Mrs., Eden Cottage, 30 Academy
Anderson, Mrs. , lodgings, 23 Lossie Wynd
Anderson, Cha., Elgin Academy; h. — ,
Reidhaven Street
• Anderson, James, writer, 17 Batchen
Street ; h. Rosemount Cottage
Anderson, William, 31 Lossie Wynd
Anderson, James, shoemaker, High St.
Anderson, James, watchmaker, 4 Com-
merce Street
Ander son, G, cabinetmaker, 3 Batchen St.
Anderson, John, carpenter, 51 South
Guildry Street
Anderson, William, carpenter, 51 South
Guildry Street
Anderson, Alex., plasterer, South Street
Anderson, Alex., photographer, 64 Aca-
demy Street
Anderson, George, Eldad Cottage, Reid-
haven Street
Anderson, Alex., tinsmith, 42 High St.
Anderson, John, grocer, 101 High Street
Anderson, John, carter, 44 High Street
Anderson, Win., grocer, 26 South College
Anderson & Wilson,Morayshire Saw-Mill
Anderson, Mrs., lodgings, 253 High Street
Anderson, William, 287 High Street
Arbuthnot, Geo., gardener, 287 High St.
Archibald, John, gardener, 6S South St.
Arnot, William, baker, 14 Commerce St.
Arnot, Charles, gardener, Grant Lodge
Asher, William, merchant, 5 Moss Street
Asher, William, flesher, 179 High Street
Assembly Rooms, Elgin, North" Street
Bain, Christina, brewer, 259 High Street
Bain, Robt., shoemaker, 15 High Street ;
h. Greyfriars Street
Bannachie, John C, upholsterer, 3
Batchen Street
Barron, Geo., cabinetmaker, 125 High St.
Batchen, Robt., shoemaker, 147 High St.
Baxter, Misses, dressmakers, 8 Academy
Begg, Alex., painter, 135 High Street
Bill, Chas. Horsfall, North College House
Bisset, Daniel, painter, 201 High Street
Bisset, A. W., architect,29 So. GuildrySt.
Black, James, Elgin Courant, Courant
Court,37HighSt. ; h.5InstitutionRoad
Black, David, brassf ounder, Lamb Place,
South Street
Blyth, Charles, hostler, 12 Batchen St.
Bonnyman, Alex., shoemaker, 92 High St.
Bonnyman, John, tailor, Lady Lane
Bower, Thomas, Eagle Inn, South Street
Bowie & Forsyth, drapers, 62 High St.
Bowie, Alex., butcher, 36 High Street
Bowie, Wm., mason, 9 Moss Street
Bowie, Wm., innkeeper, North Pole, 33
North Street
Boyne, John, painter, 233High Street
Boyne, Alex., grocer. 93 High Street
Brander, Lady Dunbar, of Pitgaveny,
Brander & Fletcher, grocers, 68 High St. ;
Mr. F.'s house, 35 Moss Street
Brander, R. & W., agents for British
Linen Co. 's Bank
Brander, Wm., carpenter, 4 GreyfriarsSt.
Brander, Robert, Rose Cottage, 11 Grey-
friars Street
Brander, Cosmo, printer, Harvey's Stank,
Tan- Yard Lane
Brander, Alex., shoemaker, 35 High St.
and Provision Store, 46 High Street
Brander, James, painter, 15 Batchen St.
Brodie, William, gardener, 22 Abbey St.
Brown, Peter, factor for Earl of Seafield,
Brown, William, Linkwood
Brown, Alex., accountant,lNorth Street ;
h. 22 Academy Street
Brown, James, painter, 59 High Street
Brown, Alex. C, music seller, <fec, 26
North Street
Bruce, Mearns, Gordon Arms Hotel, 120
High Street
Bruce, John, commercial traveller, 67
Moss Street
Buie, George, Star Inn, 100 High Street
Byres, John, hawker, 6 South Street
Cameron, P., late sheriff -substitute, 1
King Street
Cameron, Alex., writer, 22 North Street ;
h. 9 High Street
Cameron, Mrs., Bilbohall
Cameron, J., City Hotel, 195 High Street
Cameron, Mrs., 15 Reidhaven Street
Campbell, Miss, 40 High Street
Campbell, Alex., baker, 15 South College
Campbell, Wm., cartwright, 44 South
College Street
Campbell, Capt. James, Bower Park
Cottage, 35 North Street
Campbell, Mrs., merchant, 236 High St.
Campbell, John, broker, 232 High Street
Galium, James, carpenter, 125 High St.
Callmn, George, tinsmith, 49 High St.
Carmichael, James, finisher, 3 North
College Street

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